New to the diagnosis & New School

I am an avid reader, I love to read and have had various informal book clubs over the years.  However recently when I was informed that the new Janet Evanovich book was out I became a little jealous.  I hear there is a book 15 or maybe 16 that recently came out.  Is that what I am reading?  No, I am currently reading about IEPs and how to work with the school to get the supports that he needs.  School starts in less then a month!!  Panic washes over me when I think about that.  B.R. is starting high school in the fall which is hard for any kid but is unbelievably hard for him.  He is currently mainstreamed at the local public high school and that placement may or may not change.  He wants to be mainstreamed, he wants to be “normal”.  On first glance, maybe even second glance, he is normal.  Prior to the diagnosis he was labeled as “emotionally disturbed”.  The school team members would literally sit in a room in front of me and debate about whether or not he was doing the behaviors on purpose.  “He just chooses not to do things.”  “He chooses not to talk to us. That is insubordination.”  Oh geez “insubordination?”  Seriously?? the kid is on a verge of a meltdown.  The school has witnessed some awful meltdowns over the years and now they are calling him insubordinate for not verbally speaking to them.  My theory was always that he was unable to speak to them because he was so upset.  I can hope that now that he is diagnosed with Asperger’s the school will understand but I am not that much of an optimist.  But I can sure hope!

My real hope is that if he has the appropriate supports and teachers are understanding and willing to work with him that we can work on his self advocacy goals and he can maybe explain why he is upset.  But we just aren’t there yet.  So I am working with the psychologist to make lists of what changes need made to his IEP.  I am then emailing all of the information to his new case manager at the high school next week.  The new case manger will be with him all through high school.  He seems very nice and very willing to help.  He has agreed to meet with us early August and go through the recommendations to see what changes can be made to the IEP and then work to facilitate this with the teachers before school even starts.  We will then have an IEP revision meeting the beginning of school.  He has also agreed to take him around the school with his new schedule to help familiarize him with the building.  B.R. hasn’t said much but I personally am very anxious about the new school year but I need to put up a good front for him.  Stay tuned…

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