Always Something.. something to do… something to learn…

One of the things I have done since my son was diagnosed was join a support group for Aspie parents.  It is one of the best things I have done since he was diagnosed!  The way this group is set up is they bring in speakers to discuss things related to raising an Aspie child.  This is great but every time I go I realize how much more I need to learn.  Last night the speakers were parent mentors and they reviewed getting appropriate services at the school. All of the parents also discuss what they are going through and what their questions are.  I learned that although I need to learn alot I was further along then some of the other parents.  But there is still so much to do to help my son. I have given myself a few assignments over the next few weeks including reading the IDEA again.   I have also called the local agency to get a parent mentor involved with my dealings with the district.  I had attempted to contact the parent mentor from the school district but they never contacted me back.  Which is fine because I would rather have someone from outside the district.

B.R.’s current psychologist told me I need to “get over” the issues from the last school and that this school.  Of course current psychologist hasn’t really impressed me for various reasons which is why I am referring to them as current because they will soon be “previous”.  We had a great psychologist but she left private practice.  It is horrible finding a new psychologist.  I will provide updates on that quest- I have a meeting with the potential new psychologist on Monday.  I read somewhere should actually meet with the psychologist before taking the child to see if would be a potential good fit.  Never thought of that before but I think that is a wonderful idea.

Maybe I do need to “get over” the past experiences with the previous schools but it is really hard to do that.  I am going into the high school with hopes that it will be better.  We have a new diagnosis and so far the case manager seems wonderful.  He has agreed to meet with us next week to give B.R. a tour and also to go over what his needs are.  I really hope it goes better but I also feel the need to get the parent mentor involved.  I don’t know everything and from everything I have read it is good to have someone else in the meeting to help take notes or think of things or to give a different perspective to the school.

Three weeks left and so much to do before the school year starts…

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