Trips are a Trip (Gettysburg)

Since I am planning a day trip this weekend to Put In Bay it started me thinking I should post about our most recent trip.

If you have kids you are well aware that traveling with kids adds extra everything- extra work, extra stuff, extra planning, and extra headaches.  If you have a kid on the spectrum, triple that and my kid is probably better then most.  My son loves to travel!  We have been all kinds of places- Chicago, New Orleans, Niagara Falls, Hershey Park, Europe, and we have survived to tell you how we survived!  The most recent trip was Gettysburg, it was only a couple of days so wasn’t too hard to plan or work around his issues but there were some things worth noting for future travelers.  First of all let me proved the disclaimer he is not on a GFCF diet and probably eats all the things that are actually to be avoided (which is why I have been putting that off).

We stayed at the Quality Inn at General Lee’s Headquarters.  It was a nice hotel and seemed to have a very nice and clean pool.  He refused to go near it because once upon a time a hotel had a dirty pool. I don’t remember what trip that was on but ever since then he won’t swim in a hotel pool but I keep getting hotels with pools just in case!!  Silly me.  They did not have room service but they did have a complimentary continental breakfast that included cereal that he actually ate.  There was also an Allegheny Brewery right next door that had excellent food including chicken tenders for him.  (If your kid is older just tell them to double the kids portion)

The other great restaurant we went to was Hunts Battlefield Fries & Cafe which also had chicken tenders and fries for him (notice a pattern here??).  My husband and I also enjoyed the food and my husband was very good this trip about compromising so that we could all enjoy the meal.  This was a huge step for my husband who had been a long resident in the camp of “he is doing this on purpose”.  That could be a post all on it’s own so back to the trip…

The attractions there were Aspie friendly for the most part.  Everyone said go to the diorama but they turn off the lights then have lights turn on over the places they were discussing and then there is noise etc.  He has sensory issues but he trys to cover them to fit in sometimes (not a bad thing) but that means I don’t know how much bothered him except half way through he asked to leave because he was “bored”.  I thought it was boring but I think he struggling with the sensory issues even thought he denied that was the issue.  He did end up staying for the whole thing but if your kid has alot of sensory issues you probably want to pass on this one.

The Civil War Museum up the street was good and no issues there.  Although the last exhibit is moving and a little loud but he had no complaints in there.  The lincoln train museum up the street was pretty neat and he enjoyed it but it was small.  This was fine because the nice woman warned us there was a large group of small children in the museum and to come back at another time.  Funny I had never thought to ask about that but it would have been one heck of a meltdown or a very quick in and out trip if we had gone in with the large group of small kids.  It was bad enough with a small group of kids back there when we did go.  All of these things to think of!!

And then the main attraction, the battlefield.  I don’t like doing bus tours with a lot of people because too much noise and what if it isn’t going well?  Do we say excuse me bus driver my kid is autistic and this is just too much for him please take us all back??  So I opted for the private tour in our car.   There was also a museum at the visitor center that my husband wanted to go to but after two hours in the car and walking around on the battlefield my son was done.  Again kudos to my husband for realizing he was done and suggesting we go back to the room!!



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