How do friends mix in?

Next week we are going to a family event with the asperger support group.  I was reviewing the schedule with my son and he asked if he could take his friend.  sigh.  I know I should be thrilled that he wants to take his friend.  It isn’t often that he wants to do things with anyone.  So any time he asks to do something with a friend we always do what we can to make it happen.  In fact we go out of our way to take his friends places.   ‘Hey want to go to the overpriced Dave & Buster’s and take a friend?”  Great, I didn’t really need my money.  Actually Dave & Buster’s isn’ t that bad- the food is WAY better then chuckie cheese!

I don’t know what to do, I am hesitant about taking his friend.  At first I told B.R. that the event was just for members of the group and their siblings. He of course told me he doesn’t have any siblings and his friend is   I really want B.R. to meet the other kids.  I am hoping he would get to know the other kids and that maybe getting to know other kids with asperger’s may help him with coming to terms with his diagnosis.  I originally thought maybe I was worried that if his friends come he won’t get to know the other kids.  But then I started to worry “What will his friend think?”

I know my son told all of his friends that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  I wasn’t expecting him to do that but of course he told him the same way he would have told them that he was going to go to the store.  Like it was nothing.  So I know his friend knows, but what does his friend really know?  I keep thinking I should ask his friend if he has questions but he is 13 and not sure how to bring it up.  I guess I should look at this as an opportunity to talk to his friend.  I just hope his friend doesn’t make fun of someone although he hasn’t been that kind of kid that I am aware of.  Sigh I guess I worry way too much.

I did hear from the school and we are supposed to call tomorrow to set up a time for us to go in and meet.  I really hope this year goes better.

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