Sometimes it works out!

Tonight was the family event with the Aspie support group.  My son’s friend was unable to go and so my son had mixed feelings about going.  Of course we were the first ones there because he kept bugging me to go in between asking me why we were going.  The first kids to arrive were younger and not his type or whatever it was but he did not want to hang out with them.  But then E came in.  E is a few years older then my son but like my son can pass for normal on a good day so I had hopes they would hit it off.  I introduced them and I was right they hit it off immediately.  E and B.R. rode the go carts multiple times and played miniature golf.  They seemed to be a great time but I am conditioned to always be on the lookout.  It is difficult when they are teenagers because you want to give them independence but I still feel the need to be somewhat near in case something happens because unfortunately something always does.  So part of the miniature golf course went way back and I wasn’t able to see where they were.  I didn’t want to walk back to where they were I wanted to force myself to give him his space.  The last psychologist told me to give him his space and I really try but the times I have it has always back fired.  Deep breath, it is an aspie event, if he melts the looks will be of empathy not disapproval.  Hate those looks from other parents that think they could do better.  Take him for a week.  I dare you.

But I did good I left him alone.  He of course came back after they were done and held up his leg to show me his new wound.  He is so clutzy and I have seen many meltdowns from the spills but he has gotten better over time.  He must not have melted over it so yay! success.  He did a wonderful job but don’t be disappointed, we had the Aspie moment on the way home.  He kept pulling his shorts down and rubbing the shorts over the wound.  So I said something about it hurting, “No it doesn’t hurt.”  He of course didn’t like the pizza at the event so we had discussed that we would stop on the way home but no he didn’t want anything and no I couldn’t stop.  He was clearly agitated but no it didn’t hurt.  About 20 minutes later he finally yells out “it stings that’s what it is.”  It was kind of cute and kind of funny but kind of sad that he struggled so hard just to figure out the right word.  I made sure to praise him for coming up with the right description.  They really do make life so much more interesting.








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