The last 24 hours have gone too well…

So last night he had a great time at the family event so I thought for sure it would derail at the school meeting today.   We met with the case manager at the high school and went on a tour of the school.  I am a little scared of him going to the high school but the meeting today went well.  My son really liked the case manager, Mr. L., and that is half the battle!  We talked about him getting the classification changed from ED to autistic but all agreed even if the case manager changed we would keep Mr. L. involved so my son would stay with the one person to go to if had any issues.  We agreed the psychologist would review the current ETR and do any evals needed and we would have an IEP meeting a week into school.  Mr. L. took down notes and spent 3 hours with us answering any questions and talking through with B.R. what his needs are.  Mr. L. explained what he is to do if he needs a break and how to get extra help during the day in any class.  Apparently he can go to tutoring at any time to work on a quiz, test or any other assignment.  This would also allow him to read his book in with the tutor if he needed to take a break before starting on his work.  Oh I really hope this goes well.  B.R. can also go to Mr. L. for lunch so he can avoid the cafeteria if he wants to.  That is very important since he gets overwhelmed in the cafeteria from all the noise.

Oh wait we have an appointment with the psychologist tonight, maybe that is when it derails…

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