3AM Conversation with an Aspie

I guess all parents get woken up by their young children but I thought it was supposed to end.  Maybe it doesn’t ever end because he has Asperger’s?  I know he has trouble sleeping but he is on meds for that so really sleeping shouldn’t be an issue.  But it is.  Last night at 3 AM I was minding my own business sleeping probably dreaming some very odd dream courtesy of my Melatonin when I get told “I have cat puke on me.”  Well the dreams are odd but crap I am awake, it isn’t a dream.  Okay, Okay “what happened?”  “Flubber puked on my bed and I just now noticed” he says while laying on my floor to go back to sleep.  Okay he is going back to sleep so good now I just have to go back to sleep.  “Oh this is so gross I have to go wash it off”  I am still half asleep, oh right the puke is on him.  So I say “good idea” back to sleep for me.  No of course not now the water is running, is he going to take a bath or a shower?  No brain turn off, he is 14, even he can wash off without help.  Okay almost back asleep.  In he comes again “Want to go downstairs with me?”  Well as much as I try to comply to the few invites I get from my aspie adolescent since they never happen I had to decline this one.  “Please go to bed it is the middle of the night”  He of course explained he can’t go back to sleep and he is going to go watch t.v.

Crap, now I can’t go back to sleep.  Sigh, I had better go check the damage and get bedding in the washer.  Okay up I go.  Does everyone else have nights like this or do other people actually sleep.  I tried to go back to sleep after putting the bedding in the washer but now I laid there worrying.  Mostly worrying about the first day of school.  I finally willed my mind to shut off and fell asleep… “Mom I can’t sleep”  It is times like this I wonder “WTF?”  I now try talking him into going to sleep.  It is now 5 AM and now my husband announces he is trying to sleep.  Really??  so am I but sleep is just wishful thinking for me.  It is always me he comes to when he wants to announce things in the middle of the night.  In case anyone is wondering I have had all sorts of announcements in the middle of the night.  “I can’t sleep” is the most common.  But I have had my fair share of game announcements.  That is great you modified your game but weren’t you supposed to be asleep 3 hours ago?!?  But back to last night he laid down on my floor declaring again that he can’t sleep and I swear he fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow.  Seriously?  I somehow fell back asleep but of course I had to get up for work in an hour.  I heard he slept till noon.  Which of course really sucks because I just had him turned back around for school starting in a couple of weeks and now I have to start all over!!

Update on the psychologist:  I talked him into going yesterday but we are going to try a new one in a couple of weeks.  I met with her one on one last week and I think it will be a good fit- will be more on that later.

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