Anyone Else Nervous About the School Year?

I know that I need to relax but that is easier said then done.  What if he is overwhelmed with all of the kids?  The high school is at least three times bigger than the middle school where he was at.  And hardly anyone at the high school knows him.  I just keep picturing the worse case scenario.  I know I am not a pessimist.  Or at least I used to know I wasn’t a pessimist but now I am always preparing for the worst.  I am going to check out some alternative schools next week in the area.  I really hope that I don’t need to send him to an alternative school.  He really wants to go to a regular school with regular kids and take regular classes.  He does really good but sometimes he gets so overwhelmed in the regular class.  Everyone keeps telling me it will be better at the new school.  Not because they know that but just to make me feel better.  Somehow I don’t feel better.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him better.  I know the Asperger’s causes good traits in him.  Really good traits.  I wouldn’t want him to have a different personality.  He is really funny and very sensitive.  He is a great friend but I feel bad for him that he can’t control his emotions when he is overwhelmed. I guess all parents wish they could change certain aspects of their kids personality.

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