Interesting Morning

Today was the Cleveland Walk Now For Autism Speaks and there was a great turn out.  Thank you to anyone who volunteered, participated, or donated.   I had volunteered to help at the walk and set up started at 4 AM this morning!  I had gone to bed last night around 10 PM and had made sure my son was settled in bed.  He actually did not wake me up during the night.  However when I went down stairs at 4:30 AM I discovered my son’s retainer next to the cake that was on the table.  Maybe because I was so tired but that really made me laugh.  He clearly snuck downstairs for a late night snack.  I am thankful he did not wake me up in the process.  I figured I should put the retainer back in his room so that we would know where it was.  Being 4:30 AM I did not think I should knock on his door.  DUH he is fourteen and his private time can be any time.  Thank God I didn’t see anything but there was a very quick movement in his room with the blankets which usually means I interrupted him doing his thing with his thing.  What a way to start the day.  Well I certainly have had worse mornings but this one was interesting!

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