School Starts Tomorrow!!! Who is ready?

I came home from work early to take him up to the school for the last meeting and tour of the school.  I came home in time to give him a 20 minute notice because that seems to work best with him.  He got ready to go and I asked him to put deodorant on.  Dear lord you would have thought I had asked him to kill his cat.  I asked him twice and he just seemed to get more aggravated so I dropped it.  Whatever, guess he will stink for the visit because I give up.    I still have no idea why I got screamed at but maybe he was stressed about the visit to the school.
All the way to the school I wonder how this is going to end up but I can’t keep him home so off we go.  When we arrived the case manager asked him if he wanted to see the rooms or go in order.  My son was very specific he wanted to go in order of his day.  The first teacher he met he immediately looked right in the eye and said “hello, nice to meet you” and extended his hand for them to shake.  I almost fell over.  WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHERE IS MY SON, you know the one that screamed at me for asking him to put deodorant on. The rest of the rooms he was pleasant but the case manager and I did most of the talking.   As the visit went on my son started to look like he wasn’t paying attention and look around the rooms more then listen to the teachers.  Oh well at least the first one got the socially appropriate initial reaction.  I felt better about his first day because as we walked around my son commented that the school seemed smaller then the last time we visited.  I took that to mean that he was learning his way around.

I hope teachers realize how they can really make a difference in a kids life, positive or negative.  My son is a gifted musician and is involved in band.  The high school directors have literally been trying to recruit my son to go to the high school since he was in 4th grade and at the private school.  We had issues with the band teacher at the middle school and the high school directors kept telling us to stick with it.  I don’t know about anyone else but it is always those non-acedemic classes that are the most difficult.  The teachers don’t seem to understand special ed kids at all.  The ______ (fill in nastiest word you can think of) at the middle school would tell me how he was irresponsible because he forgot to stay over to practice.  I asked her if she was familiar with ADHD (his diagnosis at the time) and she told me that she had been a teacher for 20 years.  Good for you bet you still don’t know anything about ADHD.  I was really afraid of what she told the high school directors because she was constantly complaining about his behavior.  I mean God forbid he put his head down when his stand mate lost the sheet music.  Still to this day I am confused what he was supposed to do.  Oh wait, right, she told me he was supposed to sit up and be attentive to the music.  I don’t know maybe you should have told him to do something if you wanted him to do something other then put his head down when he had nothing to do.  Wow I could write pages on how she treated him.

Today we saw lots of good teachers at the high school, including the high school band director.  He made a point of saying how he goes way back with my son and that if he needs anything at all at any time my son could find one of the band directors and they would help him with anything.  He then told my son that he was glad my son was at the school.  I told the director that was good because that is exactly what my son would do because that was the one part of the high school my son is familiar with!  But wow that really made me feel better and I am sure it meant a lot to my son.

On the way home I told my son I would write his locker number on his schedule but cross off health since that is next semester.  He says to me “You don’t need to, I won’t go to health because he didn’t take me to health today”.  DUH!

Now I just have to pray that I don’t get a phone call the first week of school.  The IEP meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday and all of the teachers have been instructed how to handle him if he shuts down or walks out of the room.  Oh please, oh please, oh please….

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