One down, Lots more to go

I always find the way he thinks to be fascinating.  He had been nervous about the seniors because he said that he had heard stories about what they do to freshmen.  He would never elaborate.  He today relieved that they were all shrimps and they couldn’t possibly shove him into a locker because he wouldn’t fit.  My son is 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.  Did he think the seniors were going to be 7 feet tall?!?

He did really good today.  Any day that I don’t have to pick him up before the end of the day is a good day.  My husband said he actually talked to him when he picked him up which is also a good sign.  He told him about how one of his teachers reminds him of a family friend so he really likes that teacher.  He also talked about a couple of kids that he talked to.  It seems like it was a good day.  When I went through his stuff he was very proud of himself that he used the assignment notebook.  It was only to write down that paperwork needed signed but he at least wrote it down.  Yay!

I did hear from his case manager that all the teachers said that he did well.  He also told me my son did not go to the cafeteria for lunch. Usually the case manager has a group that eats together but of course my son has a different lunch due to having band. But he was allowed to eat in the case manager’s classroom by himself.  I asked my son and apparently he didn’t even go into the cafeteria to buy milk because it was just too crazy.  I felt bad for him but I was very proud of him for just avoiding what he perceived as a stressful situation.  We will be packing juice for him tomorrow and hope he makes it through another day.

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