He had another good day at school!   He was a little hard to get up but he left the house on time.  I think he is still avoiding the cafeteria but that is okay.  I am proud of him for realizing it was too much for him.  Usually at school he tries so hard to be “normal” he doesn’t remove himself from stressful situations and then he has a meltdown.  I always go through his binder after school every day and it appears that he is even doing his work.  He had one of those touchy feely assignments today where he had to write about himself.  Not so long ago he would have wrote things such as he is angry or ugly or stupid. Not today, today his answers were beautiful.  I really hope the teacher sees it that way instead of focusing on the poor penmanship and grammar.

One of the questions basically asked how others would describe him.  He wrote “That I’m kind.”  He is very kind and I was so happy to see that he now sees that.   One of the questions asked him who made a positive difference in his life and he listed his 7th grade math teacher.  A teacher?!?  Wow, he used to hate teachers.  The question then went on to ask what qualities that person had that he would like to develop.  “Relaxed so I would like to be relaxed.”  That is a great goal for my son!!  But my favorite answer of all was to the following question:  “Think of something that represents you, (for example, a rose, a song, a book, an animal…) and why or how it represents you.”  He wrote “water b/c its freeflowing”  I have no idea how he came up with that one.   Maybe that goes along with wanting to develop the quality of being relaxed.  I would love to ask him but since he had such a good week this week we told him he could do whatever he wanted tonight.  I thought it would be nice to take him out to dinner tonight or do something fun.  He is doing his own kind of fun- playing video games watching people play video games on you tube.  I guess I am going to relax and leave him alone for the night.

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