Homework Done!

Homework is usually one of the worst battles in our house.  He is such a bright kid and I never used to understand why the battles were so bad.  He used to throw himself on the floor and completely throw a tantrum.  It has steadily gotten better over the years.  A few years ago we implemented a behavior chart that really seemed to improve a lot of his behaviors.  Back then the weekly reward was a Webkinz.  Now that he is 14 I just list out his expectations and what the reward is for meeting the expectation.  Most of his rewards consist of video game time but if he meets the expectations for a certain length of time he receives a new video game.  You can call this bribery if you want, I don’t really care.  I call it sanity.

Last year there was less fighting but still refusal to do some assignments.  And sometimes the rewards don’t seem to matter to him.  To be exact he would scream “I DON”T CARE” and sometimes add in a few colorful adjectives.  He takes after me and can swear really well.   I know a lot of the issue last year was due to the fact that he was absent quite a bit and he fell really far behind.  (He ended up having his tonsils removed, which was F-U-N!  I plan to blog about that adventure soon)  When we have these struggles I just usually have to walk away.  I go in to my room and cry usually.  Then I gather the courage to go face him again.  Sometimes it goes better when I return and he has calmed down but not always.

Last year one of the things he finally verbalized was that he needed a day off.  So we agreed that Saturdays are his day off as long as he doesn’t have a big project due.  Fine by me.  A day of not being screamed at or doors slammed or items being thrown sounds like an awesome plan and a much needed break for both of us.   This morning I approached him and reminded him he had to do his homework today.  We discussed he would do it at 4 PM and that if he did it at that time without arguing he could go back to playing video games.  At 4 PM he did his homework without a single argument.  I was so excited but like my husband said.  “Enjoy it, it will probably be the only time it happens all year”  I could be irritated for him being pessimistic but he is probably right so I am going to just enjoy this one accomplishment  🙂

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