And the Lioness has arrived

My son has been doing an awesome job at high school.  He loves it and he has been doing his school work at school and I am so proud of him!  The other day I had posted about the one bad night when he forgot his geometry assignment.  Well apparently that started a whole thing.  I emailed the tutor letting her know he needed to finish Geometry if we got the assignment from the teacher and he had forgotten the book for Science so maybe he could do that assignment.  She emailed me during the class to let me know he finished the Geometry and worked on Social Studies but Science needed to be completed at home.  I thought wow this is great, I love the tutor!

The next day I get a call from the school.  First call of the year, yay I love my life!  I take a deep breath and close my office door to take the horrible call.  The case manager starts with telling me it’s not bad.  Okay, thanks for telling me because I was freaking out.  He then goes on to tell me that the tutor came to him to tell him my son didn’t cooperate the day before and put his head down in class.  I try not to yell but that lioness in me is dying to come out.  “I am confused because I know for a fact he did his Geometry and Social Studies yesterday in that class.”   He says “Well I guess she wanted him to do the other stuff that was due to.”  Me:  “I thought we talked about it was okay if he took a break during that class since it is tutoring and not a regular class”   He tells me yes he needs to talk to her about that but he shouldn’t be in “control”.  I explain he wants to take ownership of his homework and if he is doing his work shouldn’t that be the goal. We talk for a bit and the case manager backs down and explains maybe the tutor didn’t understand his needs.  (poor guy, I am a lawyer, he probably had no idea what he was getting into with me)   The conversation ends with how he is going to talk to the tutor to explain that as long as his homework is caught up and he is doing something productive it will be okay and he will talk to my son about how he needs to do something productive in the class.

I want to send them both information about Asperger’s- oh wait I already sent the information before school started.  My favorite book by Brenda Smith Myles, Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage and Meltdowns talks about how getting into a power struggle with an Aspie will never end well.  My personal thought through lots of research is that Aspie’s need to feel they are in control and need to have rules explained to them.  If you want to get them to do something convince them why!  They are so incredibly intelligent and can accomplish so much.  They just need herding, not dragged.

The next day I get an email from the tutor that he reviewed his Geometry homework in the tutoring period.  BRAHAAHA!  YAY my son learned to play the game.  My son wouldn’t review his math homework to save his life.   He is off the chart gifted in math and is getting 100% on everything he is turning in.  You know they are so literal and I told him a couple of years ago if the teacher says read a book and you don’t want to read a book PRETEND.  You can say this is bad parenting I say this is survival.  An Aspie would never figure that out on their own.  I personally am proud of him.

Then today I get an email about how he did good all week except one day.  Oh lady, if you think doing Geometry and then putting his head down is not a good day you are in for a rude awakening.  I see a meeting in my near future with this one.   And she will be sorry she messed with this Lioness.

What about you, what issues are you having with the school this year?

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