The quest for PopTarts

The quest for PopTarts

My son is an extremely picky eater and gets fixated on different foods.  Not sure how much of this is sensory and how much of it is related to rigid thinking or routines.  Doesn’t matter, I just know I have to jump through hoops sometimes in order for him to eat something.  Currently he is on a fixation with wildberry PopTarts.  We couldn’t find them for a long time but recently I found them and now he wants to eat them morning noon and night.  I literally bought every box on the shelf at the discount store last week.

I went shopping today and the hole that I left on the shelf last week was still there.  Crap it was the one store I have been able to find the wildberry flavor.  Believe me I have looked.  Oh no, the palpitations start.  I try to think logically but it is difficult.  There are other stores in town, I have checked them before but maybe they have them now.  I go to another store and nope, no Wild Berry.   At this point I am contemplating going home and checking online to see if I can have a case shipped to my house.  I am now on a mission for wildberry PopTarts.  I start to do a mental checklist of all of the stores in town that I have checked recently and what other potential stores exist.  I realize I just may be going crazy.  But if you faced him in the morning when he doesn’t get what he wants…  You would be freaking out too.

I check store number three.  Nope, no wild berry.  I contemplate sending texts to all of my family and friends to be on the lookout.  My mom has been through this with me for years and I know she would jump right on the mission.  He once was obsessed with these one kind of fruit granola bites.  Then one horrible day they changed the box and he refused to eat them or anything else out of spite.  We had to hunt to find an old box.  I don’t remember how we found one but Thank God we found it.  We just kept refilling it because he had to inspect the box every time I went to get him a package.  I think he was 3, I probably should have known then that he was an Aspie!

In one episode of The Big Bang Theory they were putting Sheldon’s chinese food in the take out containers from his favorite restaurant that had closed so that he would eat chinese.  When Leonard confessed he opened his trunk and it was full of the containers and he described how he kept ordering food and stuffing the old containers.  I can relate Leonard, I can relate.

I have to find these pop tarts. I am now irrationally thinking that the whole week will go bad if I don’t find them.  Maybe that isn’t so irrational considering how he is.   I go to store number four and rush to the cereal aisle.  They have them and they have tons of them AND THEY’RE ON SALE!!!   I am so excited, people in the store probably think I have gone mad.  I grab 10 of the boxes and then I wonder if there is a limit since they are on sale.  I don’t see any signs but I go to self check out just in case.  I realize I am ready to do anything to get these PopTarts home.

Just try to take my PopTarts away!!


Flub guarding my bounty



  1. 🙂 When I was pregnant I had Pop Tart cravings so I feel your pain at not finding the ones you NEED! 😉 Glad you found some in the end x

  2. Mammasaurus says:

    I wouldn’t mess with that cat that’s for sure !

  3. What a MISSION. You found them in the end!

  4. my son does this, too 🙂 not quite as bad, i’m sure, but it’s interesting how it works for him. He’s three and his verbal skills are limited but emerging. So everything is labeled by his “item of the week.” If he’s hungry, its a “spigget” (which is his cute little way of saying biscuit). If it’s the corndog week, no matter what we feed him, he asks for a “porndog.” And he has to have that item, even if he doesn’t eat it. I think for our son, it is a routine or compulsive thing. If he uses THAT WORD, then that request must me honored–even if he doesn’t REALLY want to eat it. He’ll eat eggs if I put them in front of him, but only as long as the “spigget” is there, too, if he first asked for a “spigget.” Its a little annoying and a lot wasteful, we admit, but considering six months ago, he couldn’t request at all, we’re willing to tolerate it while he learns the art of requesting. So, we have to keep certain foods around our house, too.

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