Organization for an Aspie follow up

Organization for an Aspie follow up

I am so glad that people found the first post so helpful!  I figured I should post the next step in the process that sometimes occurs unfortunately.   If anyone has any questions please let me know, I had a great conversation with someone about homework on Twitter a couple of days ago.  We are all here to help each other.

Even when I work so hard to help him be organized he still sometimes forgets to turn in assignments.  If this continues in this one class I am going to have to ask the teacher to make sure that he hears the cue to turn in the homework.  With ADHD and Asperger’s combined who knows what he is doing when they ask for the homework.  He has homework in Geometry every day and it gets handed in every day so I know it is possible.

He has a couple of overdue assignments so now I am bringing out the big guns- sticky notes.  When you decide to pull out the sticky notes depends on how old your child is and when they are allowed to turn in homework.  Since he is in high school and they annoy him I try to avoid them.  Also his IEP allows him at least an extra day and most teachers have given him longer I try to wait but one of the assignments has been there for a few days.  Maybe if he is annoyed it will motivate him to turn in his assignments next time.

Not to make it sound more complicated then it is because Sticky notes are an easy concept but it is all in the placement.  I have put them on the front of the binder but he usually pulls them off without reading.  Every kid is different but a good initial place for him is on his reading book.  He is guaranteed to see it there!  Currently he is reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and he says it is pretty good.  He loves Science Fiction/Fantasy books.

I place more sticky notes inside the binder.  The homework is placed between the divider and folder and I wrap the sticky note to make it so he can’t get into the folder without dealing with the note.  I use scotch tape to keep it in place.  I notice I need a new divider, these ones seemed flimsier then the ones I bought last year- they should make sturdier stuff for our kids!

So now I need to hope he will actually turns in the homework tomorrow.  It is so hard to get him to do the homework to begin with it needs turned in so he gets the credit for all of the hard work!

Apparently the binder is approved and ready to go!

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