Tragic Ending

This is such a tragedy.

How would it feel to notice your child is missing?  And then find out they aren’t ever coming home.  My son is my life, if something happened to him I honestly don’t think I could cope.

My heart aches for her family.

There have been so many tragic stories of children with autism.   They are inquisitive and fearless.  All we can do as parents is do our best to protect them.  I am sure this mother did everything she could to protect her child.  Sometimes unfortunately it is not enough.  Please pray for her family.


  1. My heart goes out to that little girl’s family. I can’t imagine bigger pain then her parents must be going through right now.

  2. Oh God that’s terrible. Unfortunately, it happens much more often than we know about.

    Thank you for stopping by my fellong SITSter

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