Sickness Sucks

If you follow our blog you know that he stayed home from school Wednesday.  He woke up that morning saying he “needed one more day” and he “just couldn’t do it”.  I struggled with letting him stay home but now I think he was probably starting to feel the effects of the illness that day.  My son does not do well with being sick.  He becomes a drama queen.

Last night I asked him to do his homework.  He started and then all of a sudden he grabbed his throat like he was choking, dropping his textbook.  And then he started wailing, and I mean WAILING, about how his throat hurts.  Maybe it feels different to him because of his sensory issues.  I don’t know but I know he really acts like it hurts.

Then he starts yelling about how he needs water.  Oh please relax and here drink my water, anything, just no more yelling.  He chugs the whole glass and yells “It’s not enough”.   Okay I will get you more water.  I offer tylenol and he says “It won’t help.”  Whatever, I go pour him children’s tylenol cold plus and take it to him.   And yes he still takes liquid tylenol, it is all he will take, and only grape.  If I try to give him anything else he acts like I am trying to kill him.  I hope someday he will switch over to adult tylenol but I pick my battles with him.

The whining and moaning goes on until bedtime.  Then he decides he wants to sleep on our floor.  I make his bed and we all lay down to go to sleep.  He starts moaning and whines that he needs to go back to his room so he doesn’t keep us up.  I tell him that I don’t care he needs to stay in our room.  I tell him this because I figure if he goes to his room I will just have to walk in there to take care of him.  He doesn’t listen and gets up and goes into his room.  Of course I had to go in there at some ungodly hour to give him water.

So he didn’t go to school again today.  I wish I had stayed home because I am exhausted!  And I have felt sick all day too.  This may be a very long weekend.


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