Laptop Emergency!

My son was in his room playing Minecraft. I know he got up to the restroom an then went back to his room. He yelled “Mom come here”. I yelled back “what do you want”. “Just come here” he yelled with stress in his voice. That is never good.

I rush up to his room to see what happened.  He says “look” and shows me his laptop and most of the right side of the screen is black, white and just weird.  I don’t know a lot about computers but I am pretty sure he cracked the screen.

I try to look in my email on the other laptop for the warranty info but I can’t find it.  I bought the laptop for him so I really hope I bought a warranty since things tend to happen to his stuff.  Although I think he is as careful as an adolescent with asperger’s can be.

I finally find the receipt and warranty in a drawer. It looks like I did buy warranty coverage for a year.  This may be the best $99 ever spent.  I have no idea how to get it fixed under warranty so I decide to just take it to Best Buy for my adventure of the day.  I really want to get this laptop fixed fast.  He plays Minecraft on it all the time. He has other gadgets but he seems to be hooked on Minecraft right now.

As soon as I tell the Geek Squad at Best Buy that the screen is broke he gets that look of “oh that really sucks” on his face.  I hand him the receipt and he is then relieved.  He looks at the screen and tells me it is definitely broke but covered under the warranty I bought. That is wonderful news because otherwise it would cost $500.  Geek Squad asks me what happened because it looks like he punched the screen.  I say no he wasn’t upset this morning.  I explain my son is autistic and probably grabbed the screen too hard but won’t anymore after this.

The way my son’s brain works he sometimes has to experience the consequence to understand why he needs to do something.  I have told him a million times not to grab the screen but he ignores me.  I am pretty sure he will never grab the screen again to pick up the laptop. When he was 5 years old he had to have an IV because he refused to drink one time he got sick.   To this day he drinks a ton of water when he is sick.

Then Geek Squad asks if the data is backed up. Of course not.  The only thing that I am worried about is the Minecraft game and I inquire whehter the files are on the computer or online.. Geek Squad explains that if we paid for the game the files are on the computer. Yep. So Geek Squad explains it will be $150 for them to back up the data. I gulp because I don’t want to pay $150 but I don’t want a meltdown even if it was his fault. Thankfully Geek Squad tells me that we can back it up on a jump drive if I have one on me.  I actually do have one in my purse!

The nice Geek Squad at Best Buy takes jumpdrive from me and begins looking for the minecraft files. He can’t find them anywhere and starts asking the other geeksquad members. This goes on about 10 minutes before I decide to call boy genius to ask if he knows.  Of course he rattles off the file with no problem. I have no idea what he is talking about but repeat exactly what he says.  Geek squad nods their head and backs the files up for me. Oh thank God meltdown averted.

I fill out the paperwork and off the laptop goes for repair.  They told me a week to 2 weeks.  Oh boy.  My son took it pretty well at first but he has asked a few times why it will take so long.  I hope we get the laptop back really soon!

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