September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Tomorrow I will post about our current adventures but just for today I wanted to remember that day.  It was just all so surreal at the time.

I remember that morning pretty well.  I was working in a law firm and first thing that morning one of the lawyers came by and reviewed a case with me.  He was leaving in a couple hours for a deposition of a physician in New York City.  After he went back to his office I went to work.  Not too much later the secretary outside my office said a small plane crashed into the World Trade Center.  I remember how at first we all thought it was a small plane and that it was just an odd accident.  Because who would have thought a terrorist would hijack a plane and fly it into the building on purpose??

But then it started to become more evident that it may not have been an accident.  I went down to the other lawyers office to ask his secretary if he was still going.   At first the lawyer was still planning to go.  But then his plane was cancelled.  I remember we talked about how he could have been in New York if he had left a couple of hours earlier.  The partners didn’t send us home right away but we all gathered around a TV to watch the events.  I remember when the first tower fell we just all sat there stunned.

At some point I started freaking out because we were in tallest building in the city where we worked.  I remember people saying that obviously we wouldn’t be a target.  I remember telling them that if other terrorists had planes they may become desperate or we just didn’t know what could happen next.  They all thought I was crazy.  I know now that flight 93 was probably really close to us at that time.  The partners of the law firm finally decided to let us go home.

My son was four at the time and at preschool.  I decided he needed to be home with me that day.  I was just so scared that day.  I don’t know I just thought who knew what they would do next. I rushed to the daycare and I felt a little better when I arrived there.   When I arrived his day care teacher was freaked out too.  She had been watching all of the events and apparently let the kids watch too.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but right then I just wanted my son.

The first thing he says is “mommy they jumped from the building”. The teacher said how sad it was. He was so young.  I felt he was really too young to know these things.  I didn’t know then that his whole life would be surrounded with these events.  How these events really shaped the last 10 years.

I went home and was still so upset and scared but I continued to watch the events of the day unfold on TV.  My husband finally got home from work and we continued to watch the events over and over again on TV.  My son was so fixated on the people jumping out of the building.  He talked about the people jumping out of the building for months.  I just kept telling him that it was so sad because they didn’t have a choice.  What else do you say to a four year old to explain these events?

I am sure that we have watched different movies and documentaries over the years about the events but not nearly as much as we have watched this year.  This year my husband has watched every single documentary or any show about the events that has aired this past week.  At first my son didn’t want to watch it with us because he said he didn’t remember that day.  I was so surprised he didn’t remember because he was so fixated on it at the time.  He swears he doesn’t remember.  He has been watching the stories with us and I am glad that he is.

We can never forget that day.  We can never forget all of the lives lost that day.  The innocent people on those planes.  The people working in the World Trade Center.  I can’t imagine what they went through that day, no matter how many stories I watch on TV.  And those first responders that went into the building, knowing they may die, but they still went in.


  1. Strangely enough, I haven’t looked at anything about 9/11 over the last few days or today, for that matter. I doubt that we will ever fully get away from that day. We just have to believe God to give us all the strength to move forward day by day.

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