Back to School Again!

Today was his first day back after being sick for four days – he missed Wednesday, Friday, and Monday.  When he gets sick it throws off his entire routine.  The days that he is sick he usually sleeps in and we try to just leave him alone.  Plus, obviously, he isn’t there for school so he gets behind in work. He had been doing really well in school and completing his homework but now he is behind again.

I had hoped he would have returned on Monday but it was clear on Sunday night he was not mentally prepared to go back.  He seems to always need an extra day to get his bearings right.  A buffer between sickness and school I suppose. To add to the complications, he wasn’t able to bathe Sunday night because of his sensory issues. He always says that it feels weird to take a bath when he is sick.  So I finally asked him to  explain exactly how it feels weird and he said the water feels like slime. Yuck. I wouldn’t wan to take a bath either if it felt like slime.

So now I am worried about getting all of the work made up. I am trying really hard to be calm because I know he responds better to calm.  If I start to freak out he will just shut down and/or meltdown.  So I know, no matter what happens, I have to remain calm.  Really it is okay if he doesn’t get the work done, it doesn’t matter.  Deep breath, count to 10.  But here I can say what I am worried about without freaking him out.

He is really good in Math and I actually told him he didn’t need to do the make up homeowork for that class.  Before you judge- he has 100% in the class and can take a hit to the grade and still pull an A in the class without much effort.  He of course got upset at that idea because he wants to do the work in there.  Right I know, that is why the grade will be okay.

The class he always struggles in is Language Arts.  That is the class he usually ends up having a meltdown in because he doesn’t like the work and also becomes frustrated with the work.  Unfortunately they are working on a 5 paragraph essay and he really hates writing.  He seemed to be working on it but now he says he wants to change the topic.  WHAT??  No, no changing topic, we don’t have time for that.  I tried getting him to keep his current topic but he got mad. I believe he screamed “NO!”  Then I asked if he had a topic and he said yes. When I asked what it is I got yelled at again. Yay. I don’t think he has a topic and he is refusing my help.  This is going to be a long week.

Later he asked for iTunes. Well sure as soon as you write the paper. 🙂  He then yelled at me when I tried to ask about working on the paper tonight.  Sigh, I know eventually I will get him turned around.  I usually do but it is so hard when they shut down.

Language Arts was my least favorite class when I was in school but I am pretty sure I hate it worse now!

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