The dolphin that refuses to jump

I know it could be worse because I personally have seen worse but this week still sucks. It all started with him being sick last week and weekend. As I stated before this causes a lot of problems with routines and his homework. Today I received emails and a call about his issues at school today. Again I know it could have been worse.

Apparently it all started with him being late today. Yes, I know he should be there on time but he has issues sleeping and then we have issues getting him up and out the door in the morning. The high school is much bigger so it takes him longer to get the pass and get to class then it did when he was late in middle school. So being a few minutes late equals being really late for class.

This then sets him off for the rest of the day. He refused to do any work in language arts. He told the teacher he wouldn’t do the paper because I wouldn’t let him change topic. I only told him he should stick with the original topic because he already did some of the work and he couldn’t think of a new topic. He also had issues in tutoring today refusing to do work. On the bright side he didn’t have a melt down and he stayed at school.

Now it is the evening an he is upset he doesn’t have his laptop. Me too! The mini netbook thing is even slower then usual this week (I swear!). I am actually typing this on my iPhone because I can’t take it anymore. He is also refusing to do his paper. He informed me the class is pointless. I said I know it is but is just a hoop he has to jump through. He said “well this dolphin refuses to do it”. All I could say to that was “you are so awesome sometimes”. Now I gotta go try to get the dolphin to jump.


  1. We have many days like this! I totally understand your frustration.

    • Thanks for sharing, it helps me not feel so alone. It has been a rough night and I feel worn out. I have officially given up. One assignment is not worth this drama. He has an appt tomorrow with his psychologist, guess we can try to discuss there.

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