Successful Change in School Placement

Successful Change in School Placement

He went to the “ED” unit for 3 of his classes today and went to his regular geometry, band and phys ed classes. He seems a little calmer today and not as worn out or spent at the end of the day.  When we asked he said that today went well.  He also said he liked the new language arts class because they don’t have to write a 5 paragraph essay right away.  I personally thought it was odd that they were writing a 5 paragraph essay in the other class so soon since it was supposed to be the special education inclusion class and supposed to be slower paced.

He clearly felt overwhelmed in that class so glad he switched for language arts.. Not sure he needed to switch for science and soc studies but if it made him feel more comfortable I guess I should be happy. The objective is to gradually move him in to the regular classes as he is able. Maybe he will move to regular science next. Maybe he will always be in there for language arts. Whatever he needs to do is fine with me.  I just want him happy and learning.  If he is unable to complete the work he isn’t learning and he then feels bad about himself.  If he feels bad about himself he becomes unable to do any work in any class.  I just want him to be successful (whatever that means for him) and happy.

This has been a really tough week for all of us and I really appreciate the comments and support here and on facebook.  It really has helped me get through the week with him!

Although this week was draining I still think he did a great job overall.  Maybe some people would view refusing to do an assignment as being bad but they probably don’t live in my world.  In my world I have been called to the school and told that he flipped over a desk, cussed out a teacher, threatened to kill himself, and refused to come out from under a desk and when he finally did he screamed and yelled every swear word imaginable as he was escorted to the office.  On other occassions he has thrown chairs, hit other kids, banged his head on the floor, and well you get the picture, he has had some meltdowns in the past.  We are three weeks in to the school year and I haven’t had to pick him up a single time.  He hasn’t even cussed anyone out.  In my world calmly refusing to do an assignment and  then discussing his feelings with the casemanager to determine how he could be more comfortable is a huge accomplishment.

So when he asked to go to his favorite restaurant we said absolutely!  He is such a picky eater but he absolutely loves this Japanese restaurant near our house.  They cook Hibachi style and that has always fascinated him and he enjoys the food.  He gets rice and chicken with no vegetables, no salad, two soups, no noodles in the soup.  One thing he doesn’t like there is they cook cabbage with the rice.   I am surprised he still eats the rice after being touched by the cabbage but he does after carefully picking it all out:

Cabbage neatly in a pile where he won't eat it!


  1. He sounds like my son’s twin! In 8th grade he used every curse word in the book to his teachers. He was quite fascinated with curse words and felt like that was the ONLY way to describe emphatically how angry he was. He has curbed it WAY down this year. He is now in the 10th grade.

    • Must be why I like your blog so much!! Always reminds me of my issues. My son has always said swearing and doing physical actions – slamming doors etc. was the only way he felt we would know how angry he is! Thank goodness he is getting so much better about it 🙂

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