My Choice on the Flu Vaccine

There is so much information about vaccines and Autism out there if you care to read it.  That is not what this post is about because I personnally am not qualified to say what causes Autism.  However I do want to voice my personal concerns with removing someone’s choice in the matter.   Before I continue I want everyone to know that I did vaccinate my son. I actually do think certain vaccines are very important for a child’s health.  Although back then I only saw it from that side because I had not been really educated on any of the risks.  If I could go back the only thing I may have done differently is space out the required ones and maybe have waited or not given him some of the other ones like Hep B and chicken pox.  Just what I think I would have done, every person needs to make their own choice.

Choice is the operative word here.  It does bother me that they are trying to make it so that teenagers can get the Gardasil vaccine without parental consent.  Whether or not your child gets a vaccine is your choice as a parent.  And I am sorry it is not the same as whether or not my child can go get birth control without my consent.

I usually blog about my son but this particular post is going to be about my own personal issue with vaccines.  As you are probably all aware the flu vaccine is now available everywhere you go.  I have never received the flu vaccine and I have never wanted it.  In my humble opinion they don’t know what strain will be around this season and it mutates so what they decide to inject me with may not even be the strain that I am exposed to.

Also I am a healthy adult.  If I were 90 and had COPD then it would make more sense for me to receive the flu vaccine and I probably would get it then.  But I don’t want it now.

My place of employment is requiring all employees receive the vaccine or wear a mask during the flu season.  I contacted the person in charge of this to confirm that I can sit in my office with my door closed and not wear a mask.  Apparently I can but any time I leave my office I need to wear the mask.  In talking to this person and the clinic that is giving the shot I am far from the only person that is declining this vaccine.   I did look this up and apparently they can do this.  Especially since they are giving the option of wearing the mask and because of the type of business it is.  Sigh.

Some of the people I work with can’t believe that I am going to wear the mask instead of getting one simple shot.  It’s my choice, and I don’t care how ridiculous I look wearing a mask, I don’t want the flu vaccine.  I am also concerned that this may jeopardize my job.  I may need to start looking for a new job really soon.

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