Sometimes too tired to fight

How many days of school are left? Forget it, don’t answer I know the number will make me cry. I hated school when I was there so I am not sure why I would think it would be better now. I didn’t fit in and I was bored out of my mind. I never listened to my teachers and I was always in trouble. My son says he likes school but he everything related to school becomes difficult.

He stayed home again today because he said he was sick. He is still coughing and sneezing so I guess he is still sick. I would guess that it is even harder for him to cope when he isn’t feeling well. Plus he has sensory issues so if clogged ears make me feel like staying in bed I can only imagine it feels way worse for him. We are going to doctor on thursday and I want to ask about supplements to maybe help his immune system.

I am trying to be understanding and not asking him to do a lot but he has to do something. They are reading The Outsider in his new language arts class an he needs to get caught up with the reading. Apparently they are only on chapter 5 and he should catch up quickly since he likes to read but he has to start. I am hoping he will like the book since I loved that book when I was his age. If he likes the book he really will catch up quickly.

But right now he is watching you tube. Sigh. “Please just read a couple of chapters”. “no, later”. “when?” I say. “later, leave me alone”. Whatever I just walk away. It is only 7:45 where I live maybe he will actually read soon. Because then of course we need to start the night routine which it is the night he has to wash his hair. Yeah I am way too tired for that battle.

Additional update: the laptop is still broken and the mini netbook thing was extra slow tonight. He was upset the other day about it but today I am upset about it. This post was done on my iPhone so sorry for any grammatical errors!


  1. I feel your pain…been there. So you hated school…yet your an attorney. Obviously it kicked in for you at some point. Hopefully it will for him too.

    • Ahh we have all been there sometimes i just need to vent i guess. They are great kids though. We ended up having a great night and he read a chapter!
      Lol I didn’t even want to go to college when I was his age. In a lot of ways he is actually way better than I was at his age. I try to remember that but sometimes I forget. He will be okay. Thanks Karen!

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