Not so good day in our Aspie Life

I thought about blogging about my feelings about the Glee episode last night but I decided to provide an update on my son.  But please feel free to go to to voice your concerns with how they protrayed Asperger’s.  I may blog about that tomorrow.

To begin with I was not having a good day at work.  Actually it was a really bad day.  But that could be a whole different blog!  My phone rings at 3:15 and I left my meeting to take the call from the case manager because he only calls when there is an issue.

I still don’t have the whole story and I am kind of scared to ask.  He had a bad day in gym today.  I don’t think the details matter because he always hates gym and it was really surprising that he made it through the class last year.  Gym is a horrible class for these kids in my humble opinion.  It could be that he didn’t like the activity or a kid made fun of him.  Doesn’t really matter.

All the case manager told me was that he walked into language arts mad and then refused to participate.  Because Language Arts is in the ED unit meltdowns and behavior issues are handled differently.  Last year when he was in regular classes they would call me and make a big production over all of this.  Instead the case manager let him sit out of the class and just tried to approach him from every 5 minutes or so to see if he was ready.  The case manager said that he kind of threw some things but he said it wasn’t so bad and he has seen worse.  Well that is something because all I heard last year was how horrible he was even though I knew he was so much better then years prior.

He was never able to get it together for Language Arts but he did pull it together and go to his next class which was in regular ed.  So overall not such a bad day but not a good day.  The case manager explained that maybe he should not take gym this year since still trying to adjust to high school.  He said he could take gym another year or we could figure out some kind of alternative.  I think I have said before that I like this case manager!!

Unfortunately this means he comes home in a bad mood.  We have agreed that he will start homework at 7:00 PM every night but he usually doesn’t start until 7:30.  This is not much of an issue because he doesn’t have alot of homework with being in the ED unit for most of his classes.  And I am glad not to fight with him.

Tonight I tried approaching him before 7:00 to talk to him and that did not go so well.  After 7:30 tonight he was much more approachable so maybe he just needed his down time.  I really try to understand his needs but sometimes it is hard to give him space when work needs to be done.  He finally started his work at 8:15 but he doesn’t want me in the room with him.  I guess that is fine as long as he does the work.  Tonight is not a night that he needs to wash his hair so at least that is a bonus.  Hopefully not having gym will also improve his mood tomorrow.  Sometimes we just have to find the right routine and flow for him and for me.


  1. I understand how you feel. I have two mildly autistic little boys ages 3 & 5. Some days are good. Some are not. Sometimes one is off and the other one is ok. Then there are those really rough days when they feed off of each other. Those are the times when I’ve just stopped and watched them with tears in my eyes and have felt such saddness for them. Not pity. Just heartbroken to see them going through “Autism” and all that that entails. It can be so overwhelming and lonely. I really appreciate you sharing your struggles and triumphs. As much as I wish no one had to experience Autism it gives me great comfort to know that there are people out there who REALLY understand what its like to be in my shoes. God bless and hang in there. ***hugs***

    • Wow thank you for sharing your story! I have a lot of really great moments with my son but I do understand the feeling of heartbreak seeing him go through this. I am glad that seeing you are not alone gave you comfort- that is one of my main goals. You and your children are not alone- hugs to you!

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