Explanation on Glee’s Sugar

I didn’t intend to write another post but I went looking for a video of where Sugar announces she has Asperger’s for those of you who did not see the offending. For clarification for anyone who did not see the show – She came out and was so terribly obnoxious and then proclaimed that she has self-diagnosed Asperger’s and can say what she wants.

What I did find was this article that provides commentary about Sugar’s character that defines Asperger’s as “a disorcer(sic) on the autism spectrum characterized by “significant difficulties in social interaction,” per Wikipedia.”


So it is supposed to be funny that she self diagnosed herself with a “disorder” involving difficulties in social interaction because that just shows how bad she is in social interactions. Huh?? Well first of all maybe they should be explaining Asperger’s more thoroughly. Yes it is a struggle for my son to learn social interactions but he tries really hard. And this is just one component of my sons struggles and it certainly does not define him!!! Asperger’s has given him a lot of awesome qualities as well!

I hope next week someone marches up to Sugar and tells her she is giving people with Asperger’s a bad name.


  1. I am truly offended by Glee, I’m glad that others thoughts this is offensive too.

  2. I responded to this on her blog post. Please check out the blog because she provides a unique and well written perspective.


  1. […] is a response to Aspieside’s blog–Explanation on Glee’s Sugar–where I will elaborate on a couple of points from the perspective of someone with […]

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