Great Day in Aspie Land and a Blog redesign

On Saturday I usually run errands and then on Sunday I usually do laundry and anything else around the house.  It is usually also homework day but he now has it in his head that we can only do homework at 7PM regardless of what day of the week it is.  This hasn’t been an issue yet so fine I get the day to myself until 7PM.

I just started blogging the end of July so I have been really trying to figure out the whole blog design thing.  Today I finally decided to spend the time looking for a different theme in wordpress so I could add the extra column that I needed.  One of these days I may move to but not today.   Also it was driving me absolutely crazy not having an appropriate header.  I had tried to use just a picture but it didn’t turn out right.

So this morning I decided I was going to figure out how to make one all by myself.  Someone over at SitsGirls suggested GIMP as a free program that this could be done on.  Which by the way, they have great info over there (button added in my new column) but I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on there and following through on things due to our computer issues.  Soon, very soon.

I tried a couple of weeks ago to put the header together in GIMP but couldn’t figure it out.  I was finally figuring it out and then it was time to take my husband to work.  I don’t usually take him but we left his car at his work last night.  We went to a great party by his workplace last night and after the party neither one of us wanted to go get his car.  I didn’t think it would be an issue to drive him because I really wanted to go buy sweetcorn at the farm right by his work anyways.  So off we went to the farm together for some more quality time before I dropped him off for work.  But really I just wanted to get home and work on my header, shh don’t tell him.

Well of course all my plans were derailed.  When I finally got home the mini netbook or whatever it is called was missing!  The mystery was quickly solved since I knew right where to look.  He had it and was doing whatever he does on MineCraft.  I was kind of upset but I knew I couldn’t say anything because I had left and how would he have known?

My son then showed me what he was doing on Minecraft.  I always view this as a privileged peek into his world.  He absolutely loves mining and crafting in that game.  He would play more but it doesn’t work well on the mini laptop. (Not much works right on it)  He was showing me how he was shooting arrows and then aimed mini at me and pretended to shoot arrows at me, making sound effects and laughing.  I have noticed he has been more interactive the last few days and has even thanked me for doing a couple of things without being prompted.  He has only started the Vitamin C so either it is from feeling better or the change in placement at school.  We had actually hoped the change in placement would make him less stressed so it is possible that is contributing.

He then asked me about his laptop.  Sigh, I told him I called the store today to find out exactly when they expected it and they said tomorrow.  I then told him that fed ex comes at the end of the day so that he would not try to stay home from school tomorrow.  Not that he would ever do that.  He then said “UPS came the other day right when I got off school and handed me a package.  They must have known that you had a child that would be getting him then.”   I just smiled and told him “Maybe” but the laptop is being delivered to the store where I dropped it off.  Him: “Well, I am not walking there.” Me: “No, I suppose you’re not!”

I finally got the mini laptop back and put together a decent header and finished the redesign so hopefully things are a little easier to find.  I expect the rest of the night will go well since he only has a few problems of Geometry for homework and he LOVES Geometry.

Please let me know what you think of the new blog design (unless you hate the new header LOL).


  1. I love the picture of your son with the dolphin. Really cute! I use Gimp at work, because we don’t have a budget for a graphics program. I have something more powerful on my personal computer, so I sometimes get frustrated with it, but it’s a great program for being free.

    • Thanks! That day we swam with the dolphins was priceless. He wants to be a marine biologist now 🙂

      You are right GIMP is a great program for the price! It just took me a while to figure it out. And I really didn’t completely figure it out.

  2. I tried GIMP few times, but I couldn’t figure it out at all. I make my headers now using Xheader and I love it. My boys love playing MindCraft especially my autistic nephew.

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