Morning Wake up in Aspie Land

This morning was the best morning all year.    He has to walk out the door at 7:30 AM to get to school on time.  I have always just let him go in late occasionally instead of irritating him.  I know he needs to learn responsibility but I still go late to everything at the age of well, you know, supposed responsibility.

He has only been late four times this year but the school called because this seems like a lot to them.  Fine, I will work on getting him out the door earlier. But mornings have historically been very bad in my house.  He seems to need transition time to ease into being awake.  I think I may finally have the system that is working for him.  Or maybe he is really less stressed from the change in placement.  He currently has all As & Bs too!!

Morning Schedule

6:30:  initial wake up.  I don’t expect him to do anything at this time but it is just to get him out of the deep sleep.  At this initial wake up I have been screamed at, growled at, and sworn at. We have discussed before and he always says he can’t help it.  I honestly believe he really is still half asleep and it has been steadily getting better.  No matter what he does I always just walk away and stumble to the espresso machine.  This morning when I tried to wake him up he pretended to be asleep and when I shook him again he yelled boo at me and laughed.  Scared the crap out of me but I had to laugh.

6:45:  this is the real wake up and he has usually fallen back asleep.  I rarely get yelled and when I do he had trouble sleeping or is sick. Usually he is somewhat coherent at this time.   I always take in poptarts and turn on the T.V.  He eats and wakes up a little bit.

7:00:  He has to really be awake at this time.  I will bribe him with food and give him his iPhone, anything it takes to wake him up.  I then go find his clothes because they usually haven’t made it out of the laundry room.  I am lucky if I can find clean clothes- yes my mother taught me to lay the clothes out the night before but I still don’t!

7:15:   This is when he has to actually get ready.  I usually get him started by putting his underwear and shorts on his feet.  Yes, I know this is potentially enabling him and I don’t do this in the summer or weekend but on school days I will do ANYTHING to try to get him out the door.  I then leave because he is 14 and able to pull up his pants.  Normally I have to tell him to pull up his pants about 5 times before we can go to the next step.  This morning I walked away and when I went back a few minutes later he was already dressed!!

He usually uses the restroom and then I finish helping him get ready.  He seems to be getting more independent with the getting ready part of the morning routine.  For him it was just doing the routine over and over again.  I had tried lists and checklists but it didn’t work but I hear they work with other people.

This morning he put on his deodorant without any prompts.  I still brush his hair for him because he can’t get it right but this morning he handed me the brush and asked me to do it.   He always brushes his cat while I brush his hair.  Flub is the best cat ever.  He then took his pills and brushed his teeth and out the door he went by 7:30!  Every morning I have to grab Flub or he will follow him out the door.

After a morning like this I wonder if I can start trying the alarm clock again.  I know I need to try again but it was such a pain.  He never heard it and then somehow he would mess with it and it would go off at midnight.  So all it accomplished was waking me up in the middle of the night.


  1. Oh my dear…I was in this place not long ago. It was a royal pain in the a** every morning. I dreaded it and would be exhausted by the time I got them both off to school. Got tired of getting cursed out first thing every morning. He would even refuse some days to get dressed. He would lay back down and have the bus outside waiting for him. Then I started driving him…he would refuse to get out of the car once we arrived on campus. It was a royal nightmare. The alarm clock would only work in spurts. As of about 3 weeks ago…the 16 year-old is getting up, on his own with the alarm clock and getting himself out of the door every day. The only thing I do is make breakfast and lunch. Now the 12 year-old still struggles with the alarm clock. It’s so much harder for him to wake up because of the meds I think. Once he gets up though…he’s off and running with the whole routine! He even goes in early for homework and tutorials.

    Read my blog look under mourning routines. http:///

    • We have had our mornings of refusal too. It used to be WAAY worse. This morning he only yelled “Bye!” when I first woke him up. LOL
      I will definitely check out your blogs on morning routines because I am sure you have great tips! Thanks for stopping by & sharing!

  2. Sounds like you have a system that is working and you can build on … although with most things not really the easiest. My LittleMan is not at school yet but I am dreading when he starts purely for the mornings. I know he is going to have to travel and being out of the door probably on (or maybe before 7:30am) and he hates the mornings.

    I have a bloghop on my blog for parents of people (big and little) on the Autism Spectrum (including Aspergers and PDDNOS). We would love to share you work

    • My son hates mornings too! It has been really bad in the past so I am currently grateful for the progress we have made so far.
      I am so glad that you stopped by! I started reading your blog and one of the other posts linked on the bloghop and I would be honored to join. The link you provided gave 404 warning but I think I found the info. I am a little new to all of this so if I link wrong please feel free to tell me that I did it wrong!

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