Meltdown Avoided!

I was sitting downstairs on the computer when I heard weird noises from his room upstairs.  He is 14 but I still felt the need to investigate.

Me:  (Yelling upstairs of course) “What are you doing”

Him:  “Trying to unplug the damn HDMI so I can reset but he has all these damn cords so tight I can’t move anything.  I need scissors.”

I must now stop and explain that my husband has OCD there is not a single electrical cord in this house that isn’t perfectly in place with some kind of twist tie thingy holding it in its perfect place.  So of course I was happy to help his mission of messing of the wires even if I didn’t fully understand why.  Although I think the HDMI cable has something to do with his PS3.  So I found the scissors and ran up to his room.

Me:  “What are you doing exactly again?”

Him:  “I need to take the TV off the wall”  He is actually grabbing the TV and trying to move it “but these damn wires are too F-ing tight I can’t move them because he has them so f-ed up.”  Now he is kind of yanking

Me:  “Stop.  I brought the scissors. Let me help.”

He actually does stop yanking on not so cheap TV he earned for going a whole semester without getting suspended – it was a REALLY bad year!  He is visibly frustrated so I also advise that he takes a deep breath.  He lets me help him cut the twist tie thingys (I am sure they have a name but who cares) while he continues to complain/swear.  The swearing is an issue but a couple of years ago this event would have caused screaming and throwing remotes and threatening harm to self and basically a full blown meltdown.  So I let him complain/swear.

We finally get them all cut enough that he can move the TV and unplug and plug in the HDMI cord.  I never really questioned why because I just wanted to help him with his goal, whatever it may be.  We get the TV back on the wall and then he turns the play station back on.

Him:  “Damn it, it still isn’t right”

Me:  “Okay, what exactly were you trying to do”  I ask this question hesitantly but hoping he will just answer the question.  Unfortunately this question has been known to send him into a rage about how I can’t help.  I know there is a risk I won’t be able to help him with this one and that could potentially make it harder next time.  But I have to try.

At this time he takes the disc out of the PS3 and kind of tosses it on bed.  I point out the game isn’t at fault and to please take care of it.  I really am pushing my luck here.  But then he answers me.  Something about how he accidently changed some settings and was trying to reset the visual settings.  I am not certain why he would have changed settings but I don’t ask.

He then starts to flip through various settings on the PS3 and trying to figure out what the correct setting might be.  I take a stab in the dark and say “is there maybe a reset to factory settings button?”  I don’t know what I am talking about but seems like I have seen such a thing on electronics.  His face lights up.  “Yes that is what I need or a least a reset for visual settings.”

I clearly have no clue and in these moments he makes me feel incredibly stupid but I know how to use google.  So I say maybe there is info on the internet.  I rush to my old friend google.

HA!  I found the answer in some PS3 forum and read it to him.  For anyone that needs to know you simply hold the power button for five seconds until it beeps twice.  This is apparently a common issue because there was a whole thread on it in the forum.

He does this and then he gets all excited because the settings are correct again.  Yay, I saved the day.  He then comments how the internet is stupid and boring.  But it just saved your butt!  He is ignoring me now and back to playing games, happy as can be.

I am so proud of him for working through it and letting me help him.  And the best part of this is he learned again that I can help him.  Asking for or accepting help has been an issue for him.  The more he learns others can help him the better off he is going forward.

Does anyone else have trouble getting their kids to accept help?

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