Series on Bullying 1) Anti-Bullying Campaigns including It Gets Better – Autism

Series on Bullying

Bullying is something very near and dear to my heart.  I was bullied in school and I suffered a lot!  I never wanted my child to go through this but I learned I could not protect him completely.  In having recent conversations over on I decided I really want to write a series of posts on this topic.  Since October is National Bullying Awareness Prevention Month today seemed like the perfect day to start.

I really hope that this series starts some really great discussions here and across the whole online community.

October 1, 2011 Anti-bullying Campaign- It Gets Better

October 8, 2011 My personal struggle with Bullying (and how I survived)

October 15, 2011  An Asperger’s Experience with Bullying

October 22, 2011  Zero-Tolerance Policies on Bullying

October 29, 2011  What We Can Do to Protect Our Kids Against Bullys

The Anti-Bullying Campaigns

There are many wonderful Anti-Bullying campaigns out there and I am sure my good friend google can point you in the right direction if you are looking for something in particular.  I want to share a few notable ones including a new movement by a fellow blogger, please watch her video below!

On facebook I joined the Stop Bullying Campaign by Anderson Cooper.  There are great resources and information here and you can get a badge to put on your facebook page to help spread the word.

While surfing the net today I found out that tomorrow we are all supposed to wear blue shirts to show our support to Stomp Out Bullying.  I really hope that I see a lot of blue shirts tomorrow.

Unfortunately kids and teens sometimes take their own lives because it just becomes too difficult.  A high school located near me had 4 suicides in under 2 years related to bullying   Every time that I hear about any suicide it breaks my heart that someone decided they could not continue with life.  But when it is a teen suicide related to bullying it makes me mad as well.  It makes me want to take action to stop bullying permanently.

Last month a teenager named Jamey Rodemyer committed suicide related to his struggles with being bullied. Before he took his life he thanked Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga has always encouraged people through her music including lyrics telling people to hold their heads up and they will go far.  Lady Gaga was upset over Jamey’s death and paid a tribute to Jamey at a recent concert which started a #bullyingisforlosers twitter storm last week.  She also recently spoke to president Obama about the need to make a law criminalizing bullying and name it in Jamey’s memory.  Whether or not you like her music (I do) I think this movement is worth watching and supporting.

Jamey Rodemyer had also participated in the It Gets Better project.  As noted on their website many teens face bullying but LGBT teens and kids are more susceptible.  This project was created to help these teens in particular know that it is going to be okay.  I love this idea of “It Gets Better” and I think it is an important message for all teenagers to hear.

It Gets Better – Autism

In my humble opinion kids with Autism and Asperger’s are also big targets for bullying.  Lydia over at
created her own video to start an Autism It Gets Better campaign.  I have included her video below from YouTube because she wants it shared with as many people as possible.  Here is the full post and her explanation of the video.  I think we should join in support this project by getting the word out.  Please do your part as well!


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