I must be dreaming…

This morning I started the routine as usual, waking him up at 6:45.  At 7:00 he was wide awake and playing PS3 so I decided to go take a shower since I usually only take 5-10 minutes.  I somehow took longer in the shower than usual, I guess I was day dreaming.  When I got out of the shower it was 7:20 and I hadn’t even given him his clothes yet.  Oh crap this is not going to be a good day.  He doesn’t do well with rushing.  There is no way he was going to get out the door by 7:30.

I throw my robe on and rush out of the bedroom.  My husband is sitting downstairs oblivious to everything of course.  I rush into his room with his clothes and he asks for his cat.  I say, as calmly as possible, that we don’t have time for the cat.  He says “Give me my clothes and go get flub.”  I hesitate but I do it.  I search high and low for that darn cat!  I head back to his room finally and he is completely dressed.  He had already put on his deodorant and had the brushes in his hand ready for him and his cat.  WOW.

He finished getting ready very quickly and went downstairs.  By the time he put his shoes on and got his bag it was a few minutes after 7:30 but what a valiant effort on his part.  So I sent the case manager a text to let him know if he is late it is ALL my fault and he really did everything he could to get out the door on time.

Later in the day the case manager called me to tell me that he did well in band today.  He said he told the band teacher to call him if there are any issues in class and he will go take care of it.  We discussed the head band director has a good rapport with my son so he should intervene immediately if there are any issues in the future.  The case manager told me this band director was the one talking to the principal when the case manager went down Friday.

The principal was involved?  GULP  So I asked if my son was in trouble for Friday.  The case manager laughed at me.  “No, he’s not in trouble.  Getting upset at a teacher is what he is going to do sometimes.  It isn’t about him getting into trouble, it is about getting the right supports in place.”  I started to get misty eyed.  He then said “If you get a call about him being in trouble let me know and I will take care of it right away.”  I thanked him and got off the phone stunned.

I whole heartedly believe my son wants to behave.  He is a great kid and tries really hard but sometimes his emotions just get out of control.  We have been working on it and he has made so much improvement over the years.  Finally someone at the school who is focused on the positive and wants to help my son.

I feel like I am in a dream.  A nice, wonderful dream…


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