The Bet is On!

The Bet is On!

Texting while driving is a horribly bad habit that has caused many fatal accidents.  Yes I know that but that #$@$ iPhone calls to me from the other seat.  There is an email or a text or something that I probably need to answer.  Thank God I have never clicked on Twitter while driving because that for sure would cause a wreck.

I have been trying very hard to break this habit and I have it down to only when I am at a stop light.  This way I don’t wreck I just annoy the crap out of the person behind me when the light turns green and I don’t go anywhere.  Sorry!

My son  has been helping  me break this really bad habit.  Since he is getting closer to driving age I really don’t want him to see me texting while driving.  Although I probably don’t need to worry because where I live it is against the law to text and drive.  So this is a rule.  And according to him rules are not to be broken…. EVER.

When we get in the car to go anywhere he takes my phone from me.  I think we could sit at a red light for an hour and I still wouldn’t see my phone.  I go through horrible withdrawals but it is good for me.  I heard he also takes my mom’s phone when she takes him anywhere.  So everyone you are forewarned.  If you get in the car with my son plan to turn your phone over to the phone police.

At work there was some kind of health fair with exhibits from different health providers.  One of my co-workers wanted to go and get free stuff so I decided to go with her.  At one of the tables was a campaign against texting while driving.  Perfect, I have to go to that table.  They were giving out these cool decals to put on your car so I grabbed a couple.  I thought he will be so thrilled and I will show him that I am serious about not texting.

They also asked me to sign a pledge to not text while driving.   I readily agreed to sign it.  My co-worker was shocked that I signed it since she is aware of my issue.  I said I can do this!  I can’t believe she doubted me.

I was so excited to come home and tell my son about my eventful day.  I was so surprised when he sarcastically said “Oh that is great for you.”

I proudly say “I even signed a pledge saying I won’t text.”


My jaw dropped.  Certainly not because he used that word because lord knows he can swear better then most truck drivers.  But wow he has a horrible impression of me.  I really need to clean up my act.

“I will not touch my phone while driving anymore.” I firmly say

“I bet you five bucks”  Oh the nerve of that kid!  Asking me to bet now!  Okay so I clearly have taught him bad habits because now he is gambling.  I really need to be a better parent so I say….

“Okay, Five bucks says I won’t text anymore”  I had to show him I am serious about this!  I am gonna get his five bucks although we didn’t put a time limit on it.  Drat I guess he just figures I am going to crack and have to pay up.  NO WAY!






  1. This is funny! You are not alone…I have the urge to check my phone while @ a light. My rule follower really gets on my case! It’s funny because I have a ruler follower and enforcer (little brother)…and a rule breaker (big brother). Big brother hates when little brother gets on him about a rule. I tell him…he just can’t help it, just like you can’t help asking the same questions over and over again!

  2. Love this post as I can totally relate to it- how many times have I jumped out of my skin at a light because someone has tooted at me as I was busy texting and hadn’t noticed it going green!

  3. Oh yes, I am also guilty of the stationary car at the green light thing whilst arguing with the predictive text on my yester- year phone. Been beeped countless times now. Prove ’em all wrong. You could try putting your phone in the back of the glove box (mmm I’ve never put a glove in it) so it makes it difficult to reach while driving.

  4. Hope you manage to do it! Don’t think you’ll get away with any sneaky texting with your lad. Doesn’t sound like he’d let you get away with anything!

  5. Im sorry I am going to sound very righteous and judgemental, but Im seriously horrified…..I think this is terrible. Have you no thought for the safety of your child/children? other people in other cars?or worse a child crossing a road at the exact second you glance at your phone? have you ever had a child knocked down by a car that was in the wrong… well I have and believe me it is the most god damm awful sinking feeling you will ever have in your life, and I would not want to inflict that on another parent.
    I am a firm believer that this crime should amount to attempted murder and I do not condone it….what worries me more is that innocent people like me who drive properly and safely risk having their kids killed or injured by thoughless people like yourself.
    what is so important in your life it cant wait until you get home? fit bluetooth and accept a hands free call if you must be texting is a definite no no, and all I can say is good for your son

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have every right to be horrified. It is a terrible habit and I have worked hard to break it. The update on my progress is I have stopped completely because of my son! When I wrote this post I expected to be judged but I also hoped people would relate. Not only with the texting but also with how great our Aspie kids are at getting us all to follow the rules:).

  6. oh I can relate,
    Im not innocent and Im sure I do things that may make you annoyed. But it does make life difficult if you have a goody 2 shoes child telling you as the supposed adult they should learn from that you are wrong!!
    In some respects it is funny…but as I say cars and kids are a dangerous risky combination….thanks for being understanding.

    • People with Adperger’s are very black and white and feel very strongly about people following rules. So yes it is funny he is telling me what rules to follow but he isn’t doing it intentionally. I appreciate that he is wanting us all to follow rules. We do sometimes explain how he should not correct adults as it could be taken the wring way but in this case I am clearly wrong for texting!

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