The loss of a visionary Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The world has suffered the loss of a true visionary but I dare say the loss was felt strongly in the autism community.  There have been so many posts on facebook about how much iPods and IPads have helped their kids.  It certainly helped my kid.

Diary of a Mom reposted a blog post from 2010 where she wrote “an unlikely love letter” to Steve Jobs with current commentary on his passing. I had wondered if she actually sent it and I am seeing reactions to the letter facebook now about how we all should have sent letters.

I went on a search and found out a lot of people did send letters to Apple.   I found this article about how iPads help special needs children.   Steve Jobs response was

“We take no credit for this, and that’s not our intention,” Mr. Jobs said, adding that the emails he gets from parents resonate with him. “Our intention is to say something is going on here,” and researchers should “take a look at this.”

The more I read about Steve jobs the more I respect him.  He was truly a visionary, but more than that, he was a kind and compassionate human being.

Our Story

My son earned his first regular phone when he was 10 for getting into his first youth orchestra. It had never occurred to me prior to that that a phone may actually open up a whole new world for him. Although he is verbal he becomes non verbal when he is stressed. With his own phone he was able to text me what was wrong when he was stressed out. That was a savior so many times.

He had an iPod a few years ago and he loved it. It was soon that I broke down and bought him an iTouch. He loved it and we loved it because he could sit for hours with his gadget while we ate dinner or did other things. Now he has an iPhone and he carries it with him everywhere. He listens to music, plays games, and watches you tube.  He also uses it communicate to his friends.

I read all the time about other parents using certain apps to improve communication skills and to assist in learning. I can only imagine how an iPad would have helped my son even more growing up.

When I told my son that Steve Jobs died he said who? I said the guy that invented the iPhone. My son then completely freaked out and asked if that means no more Apple products. I said no, he was sick with cancer and so Apple knew and they were prepared to go forward.  But are they?

He was the visionary and he really kept the company moving and innovating.  He has truly left “a ding in the universe,” and will not soon be forgotten.

The world will mourn for him but the autism community, at least the reactions I have seen, will mourn much deeper.


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