Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Walk Now for Autism Speaks

We had the walk in the big city near us a couple of months ago but they decided to try doing a smaller walk in another city a couple of hours away to help raise more money. So this walk isn’t a huge walk but it was still a great event!  I volunteer for the planning committee so I had to be there at 6 AM this morning to set up.

Can you see? We really couldn't either! And the grass was still wet so it was extra fun in my sandals.

They always have activities for the kids & I LOVE these capes!


All the people walking by the truck.

After the walk and cleanup I stopped at Sonic. Sonic is on of my son’s favorite restaurants but there aren’t any really close by us. When I walked in his eyes got huge and he said “Why did you buy me sonic?” Just like him to be concerned that I drove all that way for him. I told him I was near one and then joked with him that I just drove all the way out to Sonic because he has been so good. And then I told him he has been really good. And then I went downstairs to go through his binder to go through it and I found HE WON THE STUDENT OF THE MONTH IN MATH!!! YAY I am so excited. If I had known I probably would have driven all the way to Sonic just for him!


  1. Congrats to you & your son!

    Thank you for sharing your experience re/ the walk 😀

  2. I have my own blog. I enjoy coming by and reading the thoughts and experiences of others. We all walk our own journey with our Asperger loved one. Some days can be hard. But the good days out number the bad, and I feel like I am blessed to have such a wonderful son.

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