Turned a Bad Morning into a Giggly One

There is no school tomorrow!!  I am not sure who is more excited, me, or my son.  It is such an ordeal sometimes to get him out the door.  He has been a lot better over all and some mornings has even done an exceptional job.  But as we all know even when they are doing really well with something they can have a set back.  This morning was not a good morning but it could have been worse.  And the best part is we succeeded in making it fun…

When he was younger and would not want to get out of bed I could literally drag him out of bed.  He would giggle and say I couldn’t do it. I just love his giggle.  He was always skinny so I could easily drag him out of bed even when he tried to hold on to the other side of the bed.  He always had so much fun and would yell “drag me” the next time.  I really enjoy playing with him and I miss that as he grows up.

As he has matured he has really shot up and filled out.  He is now 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds but I think he still thinks he is that little kid.   I am 5’2″ and weigh 115.  Anyone that knows me in person & is reading this blog can just shut your pie-hole, that weight is on my driver’s license.  Oh nevermind, let’s just say he is bigger than me.

I have tried to drag him out of bed recently in the evening when he doesn’t want to take a bath but it is pretty difficult.  This morning he did not want to get out of bed and go to school.  He has already missed a lot and they are off tomorrow so there was no way he was staying home today.  I tried reminding him that he will have privileges taken away if he didn’t go but he said he didn’t care.

I was trying to rub his feet and do other sensory things that seem to wake him up and put him in a good mood but it wasn’t working.  Finally I decided to try to drag him out of the bed.  I wish I had videotaped it because I am sure it looked pretty funny.

I start with his feet and at least get them pointing out the side of the bed.  I can just barely do that since he just lays there as dead weight.  I tried to pull on his feet and legs but he didn’t go very far.  So then I tried to just get his legs far enough over the edge so they hang there.  This is about as far as I get.    When I try to pull his arms up to a sitting position he really doesn’t move.

He finds this all to be very amusing.  I try to pull one arm and his hand and arm crack but he doesn’t move.  So I ask him to give me both arms and he laughs and puts his hands up.  I grab them and he starts to play patty cake with my hands.  AURRGH  I want to yell for him to stop playing around and get up but I stopped myself.  When I have lost my temper in the past he just gets upset.  Plus I do really miss playing with him and it was really fun even if we were running late.  So instead of rushing I spent a few minutes playing with him.

Then I told him it was really time to go to school.  He then said he just couldn’t go to school today and begged for a day off.  I told him I was sorry but he had to go to school.  And then he said “NO” in a pretty angry tone.  When he does this I usually leave.

So I gave him a break to calm down and we started the process all over again.  With him ending up on the floor at one point and not budging when I tried to get him up.  I am not sure how I remained calm and even laughed with him during this whole process but I did.  It must be the Zoloft.

Eventually I got him out of the bed, off the floor, and started down the hallway.  I think I am safe but instead he falls/leans back on me.  Seriously?  He is now really giggling and I am trying hard not to fall down.  I told him if he falls down I am surely going down with him!

He left for school late of course but he went.  We both had a fun giggly start to our day and I got a good work out!

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