Medication Update

Medication Update

I recently posted details about my son’s medication regimen here.  I wanted to update you on his supplements and also to tell everyone about a recent minor incident we had with medications.


Since my son was still getting over his cold he took the Vitamin C for a few days.  The next one I wanted to give him was the vitamin supplement because it had a lot of what he needs in it.  He kept not wanting to take and then finally he told me it was too big.  Okay I cut it in half.  He then took it but refused the next day because he said he didn’t like the taste.  I told him I would find a different multi vitamin.  He then became upset and said “No more new pills”

So not such an exciting update!  I hope to try the Omega 3 in a couple of weeks.


Because we have had issues in the past related to who gave him his pill when he has so many meds we use a pill box.

Yes the dates are written in sharpie.  The dates wore off and I couldn’t bring myself to buy a new one just because the letters wore off!  Plus my son hates change so it was just easier to write the days on.

I usually hand him his pill box and monitor him taking the pills out of the right box.  Sometimes he wants to wait to take them and you have to kind of hover and keep going back to make sure he took them.  Also we have been trying to teach him some responsibility with his meds but it is not ultimately his responsibility.

I came home from work early Friday because I was at a conference and the Friday AM pills were in the Friday AM box.  It is so aggravating to me when that happens.  My son immediately says he is sorry he forgot.  “Not your fault.”  Before I can even say anything my husband says he is sorry.  Since it is obviously my husband’s responsibility.  He had given my son food and reminded him but never went back to make sure he took them.

We decided to go out to dinner and I had to laugh because my son asked to go to his favorite restaurant.  He teased me that he purposefully didn’t take his pills so he would have a bigger appetite.   He was very proud of himself for thinking of  that!

At the restaurant I noticed he was getting bothered by noises and he asked for headphones to use with his iPhone.  I am guessing he was more anxious so therefore he was more sensitive to the noises.  Just a theory and I am certainly not saying that medications would help another kid with sensory issues.  I just noticed a difference with my son.

After dinner we stopped by my friend’s house.  He loves her and her dog but he didn’t really engage with either one of them.  Which is very unusual for him.  In fact he ended up curling up in the corner of the couch.  It was really sad because he really likes it at her house but he couldn’t enjoy it.  In fact he asked to leave in about 15 minutes which worked out okay because that is when my phone went off that I was needed back at the office.  Fun Friday night for me!

I know a lot of people have heated discussions about whether or not to medicate kids but I seriously see a huge difference with my son.  I know I am doing the right thing for my son.  And whatever you decide is right for your child.


  1. Thank you for sharing this!

    My son takes medication as well, for anxiety, attention, and a tic disorder. I honestly don’t think we would be able to support our son in all of the cognitive strategies that he is able to use, if we couldn’t get him down off of the ceiling. He additionally takes omega 3 and an allergy tablet. He is by no means “flat” and he is so much better able to regulate his behaviour and responses.

    Medication, when it is right for a child, can really make a world of difference.

    • Leah,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I understand what you are saying about how he needs the medications for the cognitive support to work. On another post (maybe the original medication post) I had talked about how we tried cognitive behavior therapy first for the anxiety/depression but he was so overwhelmed by his feelings he could not work on anything. I really hope I can convince him to try the Omega-3 next.
      I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your story/view on medications. Have a great day.

  2. I am new here and glad I found you. I have twin adolescents on the autism spectrum, and also deal with ADHD and lots of anxiety.

    The med issue is such a big one. We have been slacking off on some of our supplements, but you are encouraging me to be more diligent on this front. Thanks.


  1. […] I had written about his medications and how we decided what medications worked for him here and here.  As I mentioned in those please remember every kid is different.  All medication decisions […]

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