Rusty is very cute & very curious!

Rusty is very cute & very curious!

I have previously posted about my son’s best friend, his “therapy cat”.  But since it is “Whatever Wednesday” I thought I would introduce you to another member of our family.  If you are looking for an animal there are great organizations that train therapy dogs!  Or if you are just looking for a great animal you should check out where you can find a great animal like this:

His name is Rusty and my son named him after the main character in Warriors, a series of books by Erin Hunter.  If you are familiar with the series and are thinking “Who is Rusty?”  Rusty was Firestar’s when he was a “kitty pet” and since he is our kitty pet his name is Rusty.

He is adorable & sweet but he gets into everything!

On top of the fridge!

And my favorite-   One of these days his curiousity is going to kill him.

Picture of door below so you can see where he was.  We really wonder what was so interesting outside THAT window!


  1. Rusty certainly is ADORABLE!!! Love the pics!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. What a beautiful cat. I have two–a cuddly one and an anxious/high strung one!

  3. Stopping by from a blog hop (which I am late as usual although I try hard not to be)! I am now following your blog thru Facebook. I did not see GFC or RSS Reader so if I missed them let me know. I would love a follow back when you get the chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a great day!


  4. Thank you for joining the Halloween Weekend Hop at! I’m a follower and hope to see you at next weekend’s hop too.

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