Some Funny and Insightful Quotes of the Week

Some Funny and Insightful Quotes of the Week

I have written on here before that my son is honestly one of my favorite people to hang out with.  When he isn’t aggravated at me for trying to get him to do homework or something else!  Unfortunately my son has not been very talkative with me lately (he is a teenager – rolling eyes) but when he has talked to me lately he has had some zingers.  Some have been really insightful, some funny and some just really Sheldonesque (yes that is a word because I just used it LOL).  Maybe the creators of Big Bang should follow my son around if they ever need ideas 🙂

1)  I pointed out a hang-glider the one day in the car and he looked and made that hmh sound and said “I am not an air type guy”  I guess he meant as compared to how he likes to swim.

2)  In a waiting room for an appt. he did not have an iPhone (must have been dead) so I offered him a computer magazine.  He said “I am not that nerdy”

3) He was to get a new video game the one day so I was discussing with him that he could stop at the store with me on the way back from an appt. and then he would have it when we got home.  “I would prefer it if you got it this morning so that I would have it sooner” Yes thank you Sheldon for voicing your preference, I am going to work!

4) He has been very upset about Borders closing because it was the closest book store.  We have ordered some books on line or sometimes he has had to wait a couple of days until I had time to go to a different store.  The one day we drove by where Borders used to be and I pointed out a new book store was moving in.  He says “Oh that is good, I prefer to get my books right away instead of waiting a few days.”

5) He is working on an assignment for band that involves interviewing someone about music.  We decided he could interview his case manager so he would feel more comfortable.  He forgot to do it today and I suggested just interviewing his dad.
“No, I want to interview Ms. L., she is the secretary in the room.”  He pauses and a look of understanding crosses his face and he says “I really have a thing for secretaries”  It is true he really does get along well with secretaries.

6)  He got up and went to school on time every day last week until Friday.  I commented about it over the weekend and he says  with that duh, mom tone “It was Friday!”  Yes I get it no one wants to get up on Friday but save the sleeping in for Saturday!

7) The school told me that another student called him a derogatory name for gay and they were impressed that my son didn’t get upset.  I asked my son about it later and he said “Why would that upset me, that isn’t a bad thing to be.”

I hope you enjoyed the quotes as much as I did 🙂


  1. I particularly liked your son’s response to #7 – “Why would that upset me, that isn’t a bad thing to be.” – kudos to him for that bit of insight.


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