Positive Thoughts/Prayers for recovery from sensory overload needed.

Sorry, this may not be the best written post but wanted to update everyone and get some positive thoughts coming our way.  I know others struggle with much worse but for my son this is a really big set back.   He was not ready to go back to school yesterday after what happened on Friday.   I did not make him go because I knew that Friday had been very stressful for him.  I just thought okay, he needs the day off.  Half way through the day yesterday I received a recorded message from the school saying they had a lockdown drill.  Seriously?

So I called the guidance counselor because even though he wasn’t there I almost talked him in to going.  I didn’t know that was going to be on Monday and Monday we were going to put a plan in place for any chaotic activity.  The guidance counselor was actually very nice and said that she wasn’t aware of the lock down drill and was actually kind of glad that he wasn’t there at the school.  She told me that the case manager wasn’t there again and she had to be called up to the room a couple of times.  Maybe Tuesday would be a better day.

Tuesday morning:  I wake him up and he is wide awake and should be able to go.  He tells me he isn’t going and rolls over.  Deep breath, “what’s wrong?”  He says “I am not going, they are all assholes, I hate people, I am just done.”  Sigh “I guess you are still upset over friday, the case manager is back today and it will be better now.”  He says “I don’t care”.  I can tell by his tone he is really upset still.

I contacted the school right away because although I understand he needs to go to school this was their fault.  I told them he didn’t feel safe there.  I think they think I mean physically safe, but that isn’t what I mean but not sure how to explain it to them.  He was very overloaded and felt that he had no one to help him.  He needs to feel safe and secure that he can get the help he needs.  I spoke to the case manager briefly and he said he wanted my son to just come in and talk to him even if at the end of the day so that they could work this out.  I notified work I would either be late or not come in because I was had to take care of this.

My work has always been understanding.  I give 100%+ when I am there and have spent evenings and weekends working when I need to but when my son needs something everything is dropped in a heart beat.  Everyone helps me out and picks up the slack for me or covers meetings as needed- I love my co-workers.  My one good friend from work offered a play date this week because she will have her sister’s dog.  My son loves her sister’s dog because it is more mellow than my friends dog.  🙂  That is a good friend.

I just heard from the case manager.  He was very understanding and we discussed the chaos from friday and yesterday.  He explained Friday was a really bad situation because the other teacher also wasn’t available at the time of the pep rally so there were two subs and they probably shouldn’t have taken my son to the pep rally.  I guess at the last pep rally he took a book to read and that is how he managed.  The case manager actually referred to Friday as a perfect storm, I would have laughed if I wasn’t so stressed since that is what I titled my blog post.  We agreed to put a plan in place for when the case manager isn’t there.  He agreed that Friday was really chaotic in his room and in the school in general.  He explained multiple kids were suspended that day.  Knowing my son, telling him that may actually help him cope with going back.  If rules are broken people should be punished, that is what he thinks is fair.  I agree.

So the plan is we are going in at 11:30 today to meet with the case manager.  My son has agreed to go in to meet with the case manager but says he isn’t going back to school.  He doesn’t have to stay but I know the case manager will try to get him to stay for the rest of the day.  If he is willing to stay just in the case managers room for the rest of the day that will be a huge success.  I think that would make it easier for him to go back tomorrow but even just going in at all today will make tomorrow easier.

I hope it goes well, any positive thoughts or prayers of strength are appreciated.




  1. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. You and your son are both going through quite a challenge ~ I will keep you both in my heart and my prayers.

    • I answered on twitter but figured would answer here too 🙂 Thank you so much for the prayers. I really appreciate it. And I really hope he goes in tomorrow. The meeting went well with the case manager so I am really hopeful. But we won’t know for sure until the morning.

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