Friday update- It has been a wild ride!

I want to thank everyone for all of the support this week.  My son has done so well this year but had a setback that started here last Friday.  I am happy to report he returned to school today and it sounds like he had a great day.  It has been a long week!  I can’t tell you enough how much I have appreciated all of the support here, on facebook and Twitter.

I had planned to write a whole blog post but I am really tired and worn out.  I honestly only posted tonight because I joined the NoBloPoMo over on blogher.  It is National Blog Posting Month so the challenge is for me to post a blog post ever day.  If you have anything that you want me to discuss please feel free to suggest topics in the comments.

I also want to point out a very “awesome” blog post from someone that I have “met” through Twitter.  Yesterday I mentioned @Celebr8nGenr8n and our conversation on Twitter about my son’s experience last Friday.  Part of our Twitter conversation was also about him destroying pens when he was stressed because this is something she also did as a young aspie.  She mentioned this briefly in her blog post.  Although I thought it was great that she mentioned us I really loved her post Aspergers: You Can’t Cure “Awesome”! because I too think that Asperger’s is awesome.  I am not saying my son doesn’t struggle, he certainly does, but I wouldn’t change who he is.




  1. Sorry that you had such a tough week. I hope you can get some rest this weekend…

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