Makeover Home Edition- Asperger’s (Before)

Makeover Home Edition- Asperger’s (Before)

Last week Extreme Makeover Home Edition featured a family with autistic kids. It was a great episode where not only did they make over the whole house but they created spaces especially for the kids. The room that I liked the best was the sensory room for the kids.

I would love to create a special space for my son.  The room next to his bedroom is a spare bedroom and it has been used for many things while we have lived here.  It has been an office, and a bedroom, and now an exercise room.  The exercise room was a great idea but it has become more of a storage room.  Shame on us!

My husband and I started talking about how his room is very small since we recently upgraded his bed to a queen size bed.  We figure he will be with us for at least another 8 years while he is in college so we should plan to accommodate him.  I would love for my son to be independent when he gets older but I also want to support him as needed.

We have decided to convert the spare room into a cool beast hang out room for him.  We thought we could put in a futon and his TV and video games over there.  He really enjoys patterns and lights so we are going to put some neat lights in there.  He really likes lava lamps and he used to have one but it broke.  He also has a couple of other lights that we didn’t have room for in his room.  So he can have his sensory needs met but it won’t be obvious.  I figure we can also put tactile fidgets in there.  Most kids like to play with those things even if they don’t have sensory issues.  And then he can hide them in a drawer if he wants to.

I am very excited about this project but right now I have a lot of work to do!.  Right now I am currently cleaning out the room and there was a lot of stuff in there. Here are some before and during pictures. Will update you as we go & I am really excited about how this will turn out!


Rusty helping me empty a drawer:  20111106-081942.jpg

Inspecting the closet I emptied:20111106-081955.jpg

All the stuff from the closet & dressers:  20111106-081852.jpg

Off to work on the room- sorting and organizing today for what is staying and what is going to salvation army.  Notice I am recycling the papers we don’t need anymore.  I am glad that Rusty is helping me 🙂



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