Bad Day with Asperger’s

Bad Day with Asperger’s

I usually have a positive outlook on Asperger’s and my son.  I honestly would not change his personality but there are things that make life hard for him.  I have written a lot about the events that occurred a couple of weeks ago and how he needs to get back in to the routine.  Today was not the day.  He had agreed to go back today but when the time came he became upset.  I tried to push but he just became upset.  He seems very depressed to me.  He was saying “I don’t care” and that he doesn’t trust the school.  In talking to him it seems that he really does want to go to school but he is afraid something bad will happen.  He needs to feel safe & secure there.

I hate when he becomes depressed because there is no talking to him.  He just says that he doesn’t care and that he doesn’t deserve anything.  It is really quite heartbreaking.  At one point this morning he was curled up in the corner of his room on the floor.  I hate it and I am only sharing this info here because although we say Asperger’s is awesome it sure isn’t easy.  He clearly needs time to recover from the incident a couple of weeks ago and get back into the routine but it is really a struggle for him.

Once he started to calm down I did take a picture of him.  He is laying on the hallway floor, God bless that cat!


  1. Completely understand. Even as an adult, there are times when the AS makes everything much too overwhelming and I too have to curl up on the floor with my fur babes. He’ll get through it and then it will be like nothing happened.

    • Thanks Meghan, I appreciate your perspective. I keep trying to tell myself he has been through worse and as you said after he works through it all is well, like nothing happened. But really helpful to hear from someone else. The cats sure do help!

  2. Really for you and your son. Looking at your son reminds of my daughter’s response; often curls up and says she doesn’t care about anything, My daughters depressive moments are made worse by things that happen at school. If its a school issue, I tell the school. If not, I give her peace and quiet and she slowly picks up but its hard, I really hate these depressive moments as I wonder whether she will come out of it. Deb

    • Exactly- I hope he will come out of it. He usually does but it just scares me. and you second comment- I thought you were telling me I left out a word. I am also doing #nablopomo. Which I am kinda glad that I am otherwise I may not have posted some of these but it has actually been really good getting so much support & advice from so many wonderful people 🙂 I thank all of you so much.

  3. Sorry there should be the word “feel” after really – blame the #nablopomo madness. Deb

  4. God bless the cat indeed! And you and your son too.

  5. The depression is tough to watch them go through. My son will revisit incidents that happened year ago and get depressed. It’s like he’s looking for a reason to be sad. I try to get him to watch a happy movie, listen to music, or watch a t.v. show to help take himself out of his own world. Sending virtual hugs…


    • I know he was making it worse inside his own head. He would get distracted but then get right back to it. Finally I think it all resolved last night. Today went well. Really hopeful for tomorrow but taking it one day at a time right now.

  6. My Aspie does the same thing when he’s had a rough week or day at school. He just shuts down.

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