Serious Safety Concern with Asperger’s

Serious Safety Concern with Asperger’s

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that my son  is 14 and is a smart kid.  I received his report card for last quarter and he received a 3.4, and is on the Merit Roll (so proud!).  Although he is in the ED room he has the regular freshman classes, and he even takes Geometry in a regular class with mostly sophomores.  He is very bright in Science and I am always told that he scores “off the charts” in Math.  I am not telling you this to brag but just to say that he is smart.

Sometimes, the smarts don’t matter.  I would say in general my son is safe and even preaches to us about safety.   He has taken home ec and seemed to understand kitchen safety and has even lectured us on safe practices at home.

He has one big safety concern-  I am always catching him with things in his mouth!   My biggest concern has always been that he will eventually choke on something.  I can’t take everything away, he will tear anything a part to get to something.  For example he will destroy a pen or pencil to put something in his mouth.  This has always been an issue with him.  As long as I can remember I have told him “Only food belongs in your mouth!”  If I had a dollar for every time that I have said I would be a millionaire.

Of course he says he is fine and I worry too much.  Aurgh teenagers!  I have tried to give him zinc but he refused to take it.  I tried cheweez or chew stixx, something safe for him to chew on, but he didn’t like them.

My sons room is so small he can plug his iPhone into the USB port of the PS3 and still use it in his bed while it is charging.  I had noticed he had been picking on the outer plastic and had exposed the next layer of insulation – a silver color.  I had asked him to stop because I was concerned about him electrocuting himself.  He said he understood.

In case you are wondering what your iPhone cord looks like on the inside, here it is.

Of course it takes a while to even get to the actual wires – THANK GOD, because notice he made it past the silver part.  It did not look this bad a few days ago, I swear I would have taken it away from him.

I walked in yesterday and found him with the iPhone end in his mouth, CHEWING ON THE CORD while it was plugged in!!!  Dear lord that scared the shit out of me.   I completely flipped out about how he was going to electrocute himself.  He just sheepishly said “sorry”.  Um, not mad at you but seriously freaked out.

That cord is now thrown away and I did not give him another one.  I am charging his phone in my room & he just has to wait till it is done.  Going to hurry up and get the other room done so all electronics can be moved out of his bedroom.  I try really hard to educate him on all of the potential unsafe things he may encounter but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

On the bright side, he said he had a good day at school today!


  1. autisticaplanet says:

    I have Asperger’s. I think there’s a compulsion-driven thing. You did a good thing by taking the phone charger away. He seriously needs to break that habit for safety reasons, as you mentioned. Him losing the freedom to be in charge of charging (no pun intended) his phone should, hopefully, make an impression. Sometimes it’s a sensory thing. There’s hypo sensitivity. That makes people on the spectrum seek stimulation. With me, I have to rock. Maybe you could ask his dentist what would be safe that he could use when he feels the need to chew? Something permanent and indestructible. Shoestring comes to mind, but I’ve got the texture off. I hope that helps some.

    • Thank you for stopping by. Based on my observations I think you are right there is a compulsion aspect. I may try the shoe string idea! He chews on his shirts a lot so the texture would be similar to that. I tried these chewstix things that are “approved” for this purpose & seems to be what speech therapists use in similar situations. Unfortunately he did not like the ones that I bought. He said they were too hard. I had bought two for him to try but how many am I going to buy to find the “right” one! I may try a couple more now though after the wire incident! Very scary- glad you think I am handling it correctly. You helped a lot!

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