Christmas Traditions #SpecialSaturday

Christmas Traditions #SpecialSaturday

We love Christmas in our house and now that we are in November it is time to start celebrating! We have many activities coming up and since my husband was off work today we have officially started!

Phase One

We talked all week about our plans for today and my son was really excited. Unfortunately it was not a good day for him this morning. Since it is such an important tradition we just waited till 3PM when he was ready. The first stop when we arrived in Pennsylvania was Daffins Chocolates. My son tells everyone that this is the best chocolate. Since he loves it so much we always buy gifts for his teachers there. He always refuses to buy the chocolate plaque that says “World’s Best Teacher” but this year he was looking to buy it for his awesome case manager. Can you believe they were sold out. I am proud of him, not only did he not melt, he picked out the following “because he is a marine”:


We then go to Kraynak’s up the street to see the annual Christmas display. It is really the best display because they make groupings. For example a couple of Sesame Street trees with animated Sesame Street characters all arranged together in an area. Of course there was a young child in front of us squealling about Elmo. This may be cute to other parents but not to me because I know this aggravates my son quite a bit. My son commented that this is why he didn’t want to come today. Ahh, of course, we just had all those sensory issues at school, I am an idiot! In the car I told my husband that next time we need to make sure that we are no where near any little kids. My husband asked why? and my son said “They are just so DAMN annoying”. Okay then, luckily there were no more sensory assaults on the way home and he is completely fine!

Phase Two

At the end of November we go out and chop down our own tree at the most awesome tree farm. It is great because we have to ride a hay wagon out to where the trees are and cut it down ourselves. Now that he is older he helps my husband cut it down and then they carry it back to the car together 🙂 There is also a great gift shoppe there and we love to get hot cider or hot chocolate and sit around the fire after getting our tree.

We always some how pick out the biggest tree that barely fits in our house. My husband and son work together to decorate the tree. Although my son looks forward to this it usually results in multiple meltdowns. Last year he did really well and only walked away a few times!

Once the tree is up and decorated I have to start putting presents under the tree. My son always asks to open gifts early and of course we always have a couple of small gifts for him to open up the days leading up to Christmas. He just can’t wait to open them 🙂


A Christmas tradition that I miss from when he when he was younger and they did the Santa shop at school. My son always did such a great job picking out gifts. I still have an awesome coffee cup that says “Mom, you season life with Love” I love that mug. We have tried to take him to a store and have him do similar thing and he does buy me appropriate things like iTunes cards but it isn’t the same. They should force them to do that in High School! LOL

Phase Three

On Christmas day he usually wakes us up super early to open gifts 🙂 Christmas day is pretty low key with just the three of us for most of the day. My mom stops by to exchange gifts and eats Christmas dinner with us. We always have ham which is good because my son actually loves ham on holidays. He won’t eat it any other time though!

It is hit or miss who from my inlaws stops by to exchange gifts. Going to visit them at their house doesn’t go well. My husband’s sister in law’s family also comes and it is just not a good dynamic. There is anxiety and drama from all them to start the festivities. Then my son gets annoyed from the chaos and then lays on floor. Then my husband yells at him because he is stressed from the drama. We gave up on this fun a few years ago. Really not worth it and we would rather stay home by ourselves.

The big (around 25 people) Christmas celebration that we all look forward to is with my extended family a few days after Christmas. There is no drama and they have always been extremely understanding of any issues. If he spends the whole visit sitting in a chair playing on a hand held gadget no one cares! They will talk to him though and try to make him feel welcome. In fact my one cousin is a teacher and she will usually get him engaged in playing a board game with her younger daughter. Also every year he refuses to eat so now we just bring food for him and no one cares. If he sits down to watch TV with my cousins they all welcome him and talk to him about whatever he wants to talk about. He has never melted or shut down there so he is clearly comfortable there. Sometimes family can really be awesome.



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