Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition Update- F@CKING FUTON

Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition Update- F@CKING FUTON

Yesterday while my son was playing video games and coming to terms with going out for the day my husband and I decided to go out to lunch. While we were out we were discussing the new room and what was left to be done.

I told him I wanted him to scrub the carpet since he was off since that was the next thing that I couldn’t do.  We also discussed going to Walmart to buy the futon since I would also need help with that.  He starts off right away saying he didn’t really plan to work on the room today.  I told him this was confusing to me he wanted it finished a couple of weeks ago on the day we started.  I swear he only has two speeds.

We end up at Walmart looking at the furniture and we decide to go ahead and buy the futon.   In the furniture aisle he starts going on and on about buying everything we need. I keep insisting buy just the futon. This argument starts to escalate in the store. Let’s review 1) he just said he didn’t want to do anything in the room this weekend 2) we don’t know for sure what other furniture we need yet 3) there is no rush to fill it with furniture, we already have the furniture where the games are going 4) we don’t need to spend a bunch of money this weekend 5) how would it all fit in the car. My husband is not always the voice of reason. On a side note he always gets mad because I don’t listen to his opinion. I listen, I just don’t agree.

After a lot of discussion I finally get him out the door with just the futon.  Now the fun really begins.  We get the box to the car and the f@cking box won’t fit.  I tell him that I read in the review online that if you take it out of the box there are only two parts and they can fit in the car.  At this point we may have our picture on the people of walmart site.  We destroyed the box in the parking lot and then left it there with the cart.  I should have taken pictures but there was so much stress and chaos I decided I better not.

He was the one who actually tossed the empty box in the cart and drives off. About half way home he starts panicing about if anything was in the box. I say I don’t know, you are the one who left the box.  Somehow this doesn’t comfort him and he keeps asking about the legs of the futon. I finally say nothing was in the box, although I really have no clue since he was the one who left it there.

We finally get the f@cking futon home and in our garage.  He quickly finds all of the parts and is now all better.  He goes to scrub the carpet since now he is convinced he wants to finish the room today. Okay whatever.

As soon as my son is ready to leave for our day trip and I have to shoo my husband out the door.  Once our son is moving you have to go with the momentum or we will never get out the door.

When we return home it is around 7:00 PM and dark.  I ask if he is going to carry in the futon since he was so gung ho about finishing the room today.  He actually says yes and starts to carry it in.  He carries the first piece up and of course he had unplugged the light so he starts complaining.  Seriously I’ll plug in a light, no big deal.  Now I remember why I don’t work with him on any projects.

He starts to assemble the futon and continues to have problems and has to get additional tools from the garage. I am pretty sure no other tools should have been needed but I certainly couldn’t tell him that.



I snuck these pictures in while he went to get more tools.  I really don’t think you are supposed to be using a hammer but what do I know?

20111113-093826.jpgHe finally got it all assembled.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the big reveal…










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