Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition- Move that Bus!

Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition- Move that Bus!

Okay I confess there is no bus to move but there has been a dramatic change to the room since we started!  The transformation took a few weeks and we let him come in and check it out as it progressed.  This of course allowed him to slowly get used to the change and explore each item as it was added in.

Here is the Futon all put together and in place (disregard pill case- don’t even remember why that was there). The wall hanging behind the futon is from my grandmother’s house. He asked for that to stay in the room. Flub-Flub is on his seat, that also doubles as a coffee table. We were going to buy something but since Flub-Flub claimed this piece of furniture it just seemed like the perfect solution 🙂


The side table has a really cool fountain with lights and rocks on it. My son really likes to play with the water and the rocks. Flub-Flub thinks this is his personal drinking fountain 🙂 Another win-win! The tin was my grandmother’s. She always kept candy in it when I was growing up and she continued the tradition at our house. She would always laugh and say that a mouse must come in at night to take the candy because it always needed restocked. So I figured might as well keep it in his new room.


The final transition was moving all of his gaming stuff out of his room.  He seems to like his sensory stuff right there and uses it quite often while playing or waiting for a game to load.

He has a relatively big TV because he earned it from not fighting. It was crucial we get him to work with us on reporting bullying and not fighting back immediately. This way the new school could see that he was not the instigator and my son could learn some trust. It was worth every penny!


The idea was he was going to sit on the couch to play but he pulled this stool out from desk and sits there. He says it is for “intense gaming” and the couch is for when he is lazy. LOL My husband and/or I sit on the couch sometimes to hang out with him. He also sometimes lays on the couch, especially when he is watching You Tube. The room seems to be a huge success. I had to sneak in while he was sleeping in order to take the pictures of the gaming area.

He likes to eat in his bedroom but we have transitioned him to eating in this room.  So far this is working very well.  We put a tray on the “coffee table” when he eats. This worked great because then the dishes or anything else is self contained and easier to clean up.

Also one of the seminars I attended discussed how using the bed for other purposes such as eating and watching TV actually contributes to insomnia.  I told him he could sleep in his new room on the weekends if he wanted but so far he has gone back to his room to sleep.


Last but not least he loves Pi and I found this banner to go around the room. We will be adding other wall decorations in the future but the room is complete and a huge success as it is!



I can’t wait till his friend comes over to hang out in the new cool beast room.


  1. marydemmings says:

    i love all episoides and want to make a friend of mines happy


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