Nesquik is Delicious and Nutritious

Nesquik is Delicious and Nutritious

This is not a joke! There are certainly foods that are more nutritious but sometimes we have to take what we can get.

He finally went back to private clarinet lessons over the weekend and it went well. We had not been there for a while because we could not work out our schedules while the teacher had marching band. So of course we were there for a while catching up. My son has been with him forever and we have always had very open and understanding conversations about various issues.

I had asked his wife about her synesthesia because I knew they had mentioned she sees colors related to music. This interests me for many reasons and we started talking about various sensory issues related to my son. In this conversation we also talked about how he puts things in his mouth. When we started discussing metal he excitedly exclaimed “I really like the taste of it”.

Of course the obvious thought by his teacher was that maybe he is in need of certain nutrients. I explained we are wondering this as well but we are having difficulties with him taking supplements. He is supposed to take a multi-vitamin but the one recommended “tasted like brownies” apparently. We discussed this earlier in the week with the psychologist. I think I figured out that the coating must taste like the little candies on the cosmic brownies he eats. Anyways we then talked about either getting something that tastes like a pill or a chewable. I bought him chewables and he said no to that as well. He also refused to take the zinc separately. I explained I am now going to try to find a multi-vitamin that tastes like a pill.

The teacher asked me if I was aware that Nesquik has Zinc in it. Um no. He said that may be a great way to supplement his diet. My son then pipes up with how Grandma used to buy it for him and he just ate it with no milk, “I don’t like it with milk.” Holy crap he did used to eat it but I have never bought it. Maybe it has gotten worse since then, who knows everything got worse when she died.

When I went to the store I found different multi-vitamins to try and also bought Nesquik.

Holy crap it does contain Zinc and other nutrients he probably needs. He took the new multi-vitamin and he happily ate some raw Nesquik. That may seem like an odd thing to feed your kid but WAY better than him chewing on any piece of metal he finds!! Oh how I hope this works!!




  1. Does he like shellfish?

    I find shellfish help a LOT for me – ADD, Aspergers, AND Fibro pain. I tend to go with crab legs, shrimp, and crayfish. If I start feeling “off”, we go to a Chinese buffet that has all of them (no breading or anything). Works like a charm!

    • No definitely not! Lol he hates any kind of seafood. (I love it). Fish oil is supposed to be really good. I tried to get him to take pills but he refused. After he takes multi-vitamins for a while I will try the fish oil.

      He wouldn’t try the 5 hour energy drink either btw. Another great creative way to get good results:)

  2. Ooh, that’s interesting!! I have no idea if my son is zinc deficient but he puts everything in his mouth – he’s 8 – I thought it was just sensory stuff. He doesn’t like chocolate milk, only white (quite the purist…) but I think I can figure out a way to get him to take this. He does like fish but like your first commenter said, no breading but we don’t eat it often enough so I try and supplement by shoving as much flax seed in everything I can for the Omega 3’s and there was a liquid fish oil supplement we got at the health food store but HOLY CRAP it was expensive…

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