We have some Progress!!

Wow I am kinda scared to say this.  We have made some real progress this week.

1) He has been showering.  He was refusing to shower and we would have to convince him to take a bath and then he wanted me to wash his hair.  He has now showered every other day without much arguing for a whole week!!

2)  He is compromising with me, with him offering the compromise.  In the past he would start with “No!” and then I would try to talk him into doing something and possibly reaching a compromise, if I was lucky.  He took the multi-vitamin the first day but I expected him to say no the next day with some reason why he didn’t like it.   I watched him take his pills and he put his multi-vitamin aside.   He looked at me and said “How about I take it every other day?  I will take it tomorrow, but not today.”  Yes, I will take every other day as opposed to his previous refusal!

3)  He has been thanking us for things.  Genuinely thanking us, without any prompting.  He has thanked me for food.  He also thanked us for his new room! 🙂

4) Our son not only thanked us for his new room but he asked for a hamper.  I am sorry I wasn’t aware he knew what one is.  We had one a long time ago I think he peed in it or something.  He certainly never threw clothes in it.  Anytime I have tried to put a clothes basket in his room he continued to throw clothes on floor.  He ASKED for a HAMPER!!

5) My husband and him had a really good conversation about school.  This in itself is progress but that wasn’t the best part!  He told my husband that he likes his new social skills class and that he is learning a lot.  My husband told me this and then finally realized that this is probably better for him than band.

Wow that is a lot of progress.  I am really glad this is only a three day week because it cannot stay this good!


  1. Wow! Social Skills is essential for these guys. I am so happy for his progress! Praying it continues!

  2. Happy to have found your blog! I look forward to following it. Many thanks!!!

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