Weird Day- Day 26 of #NaBloPoMo

I never used to be a morning person but ever since having my son I am up around 6 AM.  Maybe because he used to get up that early, or maybe because that is how I get “me time”.  Today my husband made me breakfast so I got up to eat that, barely, and then went back to bed.

While I was awake my son started calling “mom” so I sent my husband in to take care of him.  This is unusual so it led to a lot of “Mom, er I mean Dad” from my son.  Sorry!  I then went back to sleep until after 11 AM!!

By then my husband was at work and my son came in to wake me up because he was hungry.  I still didn’t want to get up and told him I was trying to decide whether or not I was feeling okay.  He said “you’re okay, get up”.  This was unusual for him since he is usually really sympathetic when I am sick.  Maybe I am just tired & he senses that.  Sigh, I asked if he wanted to go to his clarinet lesson figuring he would say no.  He really wanted to go today, of course since I don’t feel good.  Crap, okay then I tell him we need to leave in about 20 minutes.  He said okay and asked for Mr. Hero for lunch.

I get up and throw clothes in his room and go get ready.  He actually dressed himself completely without any prompts or assistance.  Seriously?  I comment he must be too tired during the week to do that.  “Yep”   Well at least I know he can do it.  Gonna leave him to his own devices more often on weekends!

We arrived at Mr. Hero and he commented that I knew what he wants.  I replied the lady behind the counter knows what he wants.  Did you know they have chicken nuggets there?  He loves them, but only at the Mr. Hero by our house.  The owner works behind the counter & she starts making his chicken nuggets, waffle fries with cheese sauce and gets out his vinegar without me needing to say a word!   She is really nice too.

We went to his clarinet lesson and he ended up practicing piano.  Whatever, I was too tired/sick to care.  We sat and visited for a good hour because really likes his teacher and any socializing is good practice for him.  I don’t force him to practice with people he doesn’t like but I am certainly  not going to rush him out the door when he is actively having a good conversation with someone that he likes.

I am putting together stuff for a post that I hope to finish in the next couple days that will hopefully have good content.  I probably wouldn’t have posted anything today but this is day 26 of NaBloPoMo and I can’t quit now with only a few days left.  I am not a quitter!

Check back tomorrow for a more thought provoking post (assuming I feel better!)  Or if you are relatively new check out the About me page I put links in there for the most commonly read posts or there are some somewhat useful widgets on the right with highest rated posts.

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